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Palia Concludes Pre-Alpha Test - Details What Was Learned and What's Next in New Blog

Steven Weber Posted:
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Community simulation MMORPG Palia has just concluded their small Pre-Alpha test, and the team at Singularity 6 are anxious to talk about the encouraging results. Palia still has a long way to go before it is done, but the blog accentuates many of the positive responses from Pre-Alpha testers.

Singularity 6 has been overwhelmed by the response to their upcoming game, receiving several thousand more applicants to test the game than they expected. Despite such a rousing response to testing, they were only able to provide access for a small percent of players.

Now that Pre-Alpha testers have concluded the first test phase, Singularity 6 has provided a quick rundown of the stats that resulted in the test:

  • Players caught 78,650 (virtual) bugs
  • Players harvested 76,431 crops
  • Players hunted 128,952 beasts
  • Players baked 153 pies

While those are some impressive numbers, it is obvious that the baked pie numbers are far too low. Most notably, Singularity 6 wanted to find out if the game conveyed the sense of community they were looking for.

Were players encouraged to interact with each other? Did they get the sense that Palia could be a place they feel they belong? They posed these questions to their testers and accumulated several responses.

“I really started to think about how Palia could become a daily part of my life and just a peaceful place for me to return…I realize Palia made me a more peaceful and happier person.”

– ATownDowner

As someone who is (mostly) a lurker, I feel so grateful to the way in which Palia allows for easygoing cooperation. I never joined a neighborhood but the vast majority of the time I was out mining or hunting, I found folks to co-op with!”

– Oliverella_

You can read all of the impressions, and see plenty of in-game screenshots on the official blog post. Singularity 6 is still encouraging potential players to sign up for testing. No specific dates were announced for the next phase, but more players will be invited throughout each phase, so the best way to get involved, according to the development team, is to sign up, and stay active in the Palia Discord.


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