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Paintball Net, 'the Original OG PVP MMO', Returns & It Ain't for Wimps

Catherine Daro Posted:
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The folks behind Paintball Net, "the OG PVP MMO", have announced its return after twenty years on the shelf. To mark the occasion, devs are offering players a number of cash giveaways and unique equipment to celebrate. "Paintball MMO is not for wimps. You actually have to show up. listen, comprehend, and ask questions about the game to learn how to play," the PR reads.

Earning points for honesty, developers also said that the game is incredibly well-balanced but that it has horrible graphics but say that the latter isn't a good enough excuse for those always pining for a brilliant retro MMO. "We've warned you about the graphics, so get over it and show us what you've got."

Do you want to play in PVP “battle royales”? Do you want survival games, team games, and more? Do you want to modify your equipment so it fits your style? Do you want sci-fi equipment like infrared scanners and Predator-like refracto suits? Paintball Net has all of that!

You can learn more about Paintball Net in its Facebook group or go straight to the game's page to get started.


Catherine Daro