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Paid Private Leagues Coming to Path of Exile

Suzie Ford Updated: Posted:
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The Path of Exile site has been updated with a note from Grinding Gear to let the community know that it is finally fulfilling one of its long-standing goals to bring private leagues to players. These private leagues cost about $12 (using PoE Points that are about $1 per point) and include 10 player slots. The League lasts 10 days, though it can be extended up to two months. Players can also add more player slots across a wide variety of prices. 

There are six mods that are no additional charge that can be added to the League. These include reduced player resistance, no magic or rare item drops, no vending, famine, no stashes and mods that increase monster abilities.

We designed private leagues with the needs of two groups of players in mind. The first group is players who want a more challenging Path of Exile experience. The second is players who want to see how far they and their friends can get without outside influence from the rest of a league.  Private Leagues will be fun for content creators who want to create an entertaining stream or video by playing Path of Exile on obscenely difficult settings, potentially alongside members of their communities.  Philosophically, it's important to us that Private Leagues don't make the game easier. That's what special events like Flashback, Turmoil and Mayhem are for. We'll continue to run special events like these in the future. 

Read the first details on Private Leagues by visiting the Path of Exile site.


Suzie Ford

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