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The Lord of the Rings Online Is Previewing Before the Shadow This Friday

The Lord of the Rings Online is hosting an Extra Life stream for charity this weekend like many game companies out there, however, they are taking the time during the event to showcase the next major addition to the MMO.

Albion Online's Beyond The Veil Update Launches November 21st

Albion Online's much anticipated Beyond the Veil update has finally been given a release date. The upcoming content drop for the sandbox MMO hits on November 21st.

Blizzard Updates Dragonflight Twitch Drops and Streamer Support Details and Times

World of Warcraft gets an updated schedule and details for its streaming events that will reward Twitch Drops and support streamers.

ESO Firesong is Live for PC and Mac, As ZeniMax Continues Fixing Reported Issues

The Firesong DLC is up and much more stable for The Elder Scrolls Online PC and Mac players. ZeniMax has been working to fix certain launch issues since yesterday's release.

Amazon Opens New World Fresh Start Servers and Puts the Game On Sale for 50% Off

New World has begun opening up its Fresh Start Worlds, and Amazon has put the game on sale for 50% off to entice more folks into a freshly revamped Aeternum.

War Thunder Marks 10th Anniversary With New Content, Events, and Swag

 War Thunder, fresh off its latest Fire and Ice update, is now celebrating its 10th anniversary with some fresh content, including vehicles releases, and events.

Another Star Is Being Harvested In EVE Online As Ramp To Uprising Intesifies

EVE Online has been pushing a narrative focus for the last few years, and with the recent Uprising expansion announcement, it's kicking into high gear.

Wil Wheaton is Emperor Crusher from the Mirror Universe in New Update Star Trek Online: Ascension

Emperor Crusher, the Mirror Universe version of Wesley Crusher has arrived in Star Trek Online: Ascension. The update brings a new TFO, ties into the Emperor's Will event, and lets you upgrade a bridge officer for free.

Elite Dangerous' Frontier Developments Acquires Warhammer 40,000: Chaos Gate Studio Complex Games

Elite Dangerous developer Frontier Developments has made its first studio acquisition, buying Canadian-based Complex Games, the Canadian studio behind this year's turn-based tactical RPG Warhammer 40,000: Chaos Gate - Daemonhunters.

Spry Fox, Which is Making a Cozy Grove Sequel and an MMO, Has Been Acquired By Netflix

Developer Spry Fox, a studio known for games like the Alphabear series and Cozy Grove, has been acquired by Netflix. In the acquisition announcement, it was also revealed that the company is working on a new MMO project.

Path of Exile is Getting Ruthless, a New Mode Designed Around Scarcity and Extreme Difficulty

Grinding Gear Games has announced Ruthless, a new option for Path of Exile that makes every step of the way feel like endgame, with high difficulty, item scarcity, and other constraints baked in from the start.

EVE Online's Uprising Expansion Launches On November 8th, Fully Unveils New Navy Dreadnoughts

EVE Online is gearing up for its upcoming Uprising expansion, and to celebrate the announcement that it will launch next week on November 8th, CCP Games has fully unveiled the rest of the new ships coming to the MMO.

Blizzard Releases Dragonflight Title Track, and Brings Back 12-and 6-Month Subscription Bonuses

Dragonflight will be out this month, and Blizzard is trying to entice World of Warcraft players to stick around, with 12- and 6- month subscription bonuses. The WoW team has also released the Dragonflight theme to stream.

The Elder Scrolls Online Update 36 and Firesong DLC Getting Maintenance for Launch Woes

The Elder Scrolls Online  is having some issues today, with players reportedly experiencing crashes with Update 36 and the release of the new Firesong DLC on PC and Mac.

Final Fantasy XIV Opens New North American Data Center and Four New Servers With Patch 6.28

Final Fantasy XIV's latest patch, 6.28, is live and it opens a new Crystalline Conflict season, makes some balance changes, and opens a new North American Data Center and four new servers.