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Profane Previews Video of 3D Armor Sets, and Covers the Ways You'll Have to Gear Up in Your Story

With Profane, the team shows off a 3D video of gear set options, and discusses several key points, such as emphasis on skill, crafting and the importance of materials, and how you'll determine your look.

Kakao is Seeking Community Feedback on Potential ArcheAge Fresh Start Servers

Kakao Games issurveying and asking the ArcheAge community to gauge interest in a Fresh Start server and rules for the game.

The Lord of the Rings Online Pushes Before the Shadow and Update 34 Back a Week to November 15th

We'll be waiting a little bit longer for Before the Shadow and Update 34, as The Lord of the Rings Online team has delayed both a week to November 15th.

Bandai Namco Says Blue Protocol is 'Continuing Development' and Promises An Announcement Next Week

Blue Protocol is well in development, according to the official Twitter's first tweet in 15 months, and we can expect a new announcement next week.

Blizzard Previews the Settings, Bosses, and Lore of All Eight Dragonflight Dungeons

The road to Dragonflight continues, this time with a guide to all of the World of Warcraft expansion's dungeons -four level-up dungeons and four max-level dungeons.

Tower of Fantasy Outlines Plans to Reduce Exploits and Improve Security, and Updates on Server Transfers

The Tower of Fantasy team opened up the Pass phase 3 event, and updated the community on several current issues, including account security and news on server transfers. 

RuneScape Opens The Garden of Kharid, New Skilling-Focused Content That Will Put You to Work

RuneScape is taking players to The Garden of Kharid starting on November 7th. In this garden, you'll find some druids who are wondering why this garden has suddenly sprouted in Gielinor.

Fatshark Marks '7 Years of 'Tide' With Free Vermintide 2, Content, and Preorder Beta for WH40K Darktide

Developer Fatshark has plans for November, starting with a free copy of Warhammer 40K: Vermintide 2 on Steam, new content, a cosmetics pack, and a preorder early beta for Darktide before its November 30th release.

World of Warcraft Will Make Stories About Your Characters and Blizzard Introduces Dragonflight Exile's Reach

World of Warcraft is inviting players to tell their Warcraft Stories via a new Twitter campaign and introducing the Exile's Reach excursion with details to know before Dragonflight.

The Community Gets to Decide Characters' Fates in Sea of Thieves' Latest Adventure, Return of the Damned

In the latest Sea of Thieves Adventure, Return of the Damned, players will collectively pick a side that determines the fate of a major character.

Survival ARPG Frozen Flame Entering Steam Early Access on November 17th

Early Access via Steam is coming for open-world survival action RPG Frozen Flame on November 17th. The bright fantasy world of Arcana awaits with its mysteries and dangers this month.

Albion Online is Holding The First Large-Scale Playtest for The Mists Tomorrow

Tomorrow, Albion Online will hold a large-scale playtest for The Mists, the new major feature coming in the Beyond the Veil update this month.

Blade & Soul Wind Chasers Update Coming Next Week With a Windwalking Race Event to Prepare For

Blade & Soul will get its next update on November 9th. NCSoft will release more details on this smaller update, called Wind Chasers, but we already know to expect a race event as the highlight feature.

World of Warships and World of Warships: Legends Pack November With Ships, Treasure, and Submarines

November in World of Warships  and World of Warships: Legends is packed, with new features, new ships, a campaign on console, pirates, visual upgrades on PC, and submarines in the tech tree.

Path of Exile Team Responds to Questions and Clarifies Detaila About Punishing New Mode Ruthless

The Path of Exile team is answering community questions about Ruthless, the punishing new mode announced yesterday and coming alongside 3.20 next month.