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Ubisoft and Lucasfilm Announce a New Story-Driven Open-World Star Wars Game

It looks like Lucasfilm and Ubisoft are teaming up for a Star Wars game much in the way that Bethesda did for their upcoming Indiana Jones game. The developer, Massive, known for games like The Division 2 and Far Cry 3, will be taking the helm at crafting an open-world title in the Star Wars universe.

Valorant Episode 2 Patch Notes Are Here

Episode 2 has arrived for Valorant and we finally have patch notes to go along with the update.

Titan Quest Legendary Edition Preorder Available on App Store and Google Play

Titan Quest Legendary Edition, a top-down action-adventure RPG, is available for preorder on the App Store and Google Play. Here are some details.

Elite Dangerous Provides an Update on Odyssey's Release Schedule

If you've been waiting for Elite Dangerous: Odyssey you will have to wait just a little longer as the development team is still pushing through to alpha testing in spring of 2021. Luckily the team at Frontier Developments believes they will launch the update in late spring on PC and on consoles sometime in autumn.

MU Online Kicks Off 2021 with Special Events

MU Online is looking to kick off 2021 with a bang with a pre-registration for Season 15 Part 2 and the New Year events.

Elder Scrolls Online Pushes Gates of Oblivion Global Reveal Stream to January 26th

After Elder Scrolls Online teased the Gates of Oblivion last year, many of us have waited patiently for the January 21st reveal. The team has decided to postpone the reveal until January 26th due to Inauguration Day in the US commencing on January 20th.

Nvidia Announces RTX 3060, Max-Q Laptops at CES

Nvidia made a pair of big announcements at CES this year with the new RTX 3060 and the release of 30-Series laptops with 1440p displays. Find out the details here.

Bounty Hunters See Boosted XP and Payouts in Red Dead Online

If you're bounty hunter in Red Dead Online, your payouts and rewards are about to get sweeter this week.

Here's How Neverwinter Sharandar's Campaigns Will Work

The folks behind Neverwinter shared additional information on the recently announced Sharandar module to the D&D RPG, set to arrive on February 9.

AMD Announces New Mobile Processors

CES is in full swing, even if virtually, and yesterday marked the keynote address by AMD's Dr. Lisa Su. She shared several interesting insights into the work and impact of AMD, but the most exciting for gamers was the announcement of the company's new HX series of mobile processors.

This Week in World of Warcraft - the Arena World Championship Cup Begins this Friday

Blizzard has posted a short video letting players know what to expect this week in World of Warcraft. The video reminds players that Torghast: Beasts of Prodigum is ready to play now, but it also points to the start of the Arena World Championship Cup #1 starting Friday.

Elder Scrolls Online Addresses Missing Skill Points and How They Plan to Fix Them

In a post on the official forums from Elder Scrolls Online's community manager Gina Bruno, the missing skill point problem players have been having since November has finally been tracked down. When the problem began it had to do with the unmorphing of the Soul Trap or the Werewolf Ultimate skills.

You Can Vote for The Crowfall Creators of the Year

Voting is underway for the Best Crowfall Creator of the Year. Be sure to cast your vote.

Fallout 76 Will Receive Inventory Improvements January 26

Inventory improvements are finally coming to Fallout 76 on January 26, along with various quality of life improvements.

Star Trek Online's House Shattered Update is Now Available on PS4 and Xbox One

Star Trek Online players on console can now enjoy the latest update House Shattered. Starting today House Shattered is available for both PS4 and Xbox One consoles, which brings along a new playable episode in the ongoing story of the Klingon War.