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EVE Online's Peak Concurrent Users Hits 30K For The First Time In A While Thanks To Uprising

EVE Online has a player base that, probably more than most, keeps an active track of its concurrent player count. In an MMO where players are the content, it's rather important to have people to fly with, so it's no wonder the community is celebrating the highest peak concurrent player count in at least a year.

Lost Ark Accidentally Sends Players Pheons With Notice, Requiring Extended Downtime Today

The Lost Ark team held an extended maintenance today to patch a potential exploit caused after a notice to players about skill effect changes came with an unintended Pheon gift.

Elder Scrolls Online Is Giving Players A Free Guar Pet As An Apology For Firesong Issues

After the rocky launch of the latest Elder Scrolls Online DLC, Firesong, ZeniMax Online Studios is giving players a free in-game pet as a thank you for putting up with the downtime and issues.

Conquerer's Blade Is Launching Its Persian-Inspired Scorpio Update November 24th

Announced today, medieval warfare MMO Conqueror's Blade is launching its next free update, Scorpio, on November 24th, bringing its ancient Persia-inspired units to the battlefield.

NCSoft Unveils Project LLL, A New Sci-Fi MMO Shooter

NCSoft today announced a new sci-fi shooter MMO, codenamed Project LLL, with a new gameplay trailer alongside a new internal interview with the developers.

VR MMO Zenith Teases New Locales and Creature Catching as Patch 1.2 Set to Go Live November 17th

As RamenVr gears up to the release of the next Zenith patch in less than a week, they've been diligently posting teasers of the features that VR enthusiasts will be able to take part in. Check them out!

Final Fantasy XI Continues the Voracious Resurgence and Brings the Ixion Mount

Final Fantasy XI has a new November update that continues the Voracious Resurgence, and even brings the Ixion mount as a potential login reward.

Guild Wars 2 Balance Notes Preview Efforts Towards Class Balance in All Modes

The Guild Wars 2 team held another balance stream  today to preview the November 29th update. The notes preview a patch intended on class balance across the game's modes.

Tower of Fantasy is Opening the Confounding Labyrinth on November 22nd

 The next major Tower of Fantasy update, Confounding Labyrinth, will arrive on November 22nd. The update continues adding content to Mirroria, with the title labyrinth a large structure under the cyberpunk inspired city.

Preview 'The Cradle of Dragon Civilization' in Dragonflight, Thaldraszus

 Dragonflight's latest zone preview, along with the zone music, is for the mountainous Thaldraszus, known as "the cradle of dragon civilization".

Blade & Soul Opens Up a Rewarding Great Windwalk Race

In the latest Blade & Soul update, the Great Windwalk Race is here for the competition and rewards.

Final Fantasy XIV Previews 6.3x, Will Add More Quests, Dungeons, and New Housing Wards

The latest Final Fantasy XIV Letter from the Producer stream has revealed details about what to expect from patch 6.3x, which is currently looking at a January release. 

Tower of Fantasy Showcases Saki Fuwa in New Video Showing Her Frosty Katana Combos and More

Tower of Fantasy is showcasing Saki Fuwa, the next character set to be added, with new details and a video showing off frosty katana work.

Sandbox MMO Wild Terra 2: New Lands Launches Today

Wild Terra 2: New Lands has launched today, following up on 2017's Wild Terra Online. The new MMO by Juvty Worlds has hit Steam on sale as the MMO slides out of early access.

World of Warcraft Sets Dragonflight Pre-Patch Phase 2 Stream for Tuesday and Shares Notes

The Dragonflight pre-patch phase 2 will begin next week, and Blizzard will hold a live stream on Tuesday to reveal the launch cinematic and more. The team has also released the patch notes.