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EVE Fanfest 2022: CCP Is Working On Both An FPS And 4X Strategy Game Set In The EVE Universe

During the EVE Fanfest 2022 Keynote this morning, CCP Games announced that there are two new EVE-based games in the works: an upcoming multiplayer FPS and a 4x mobile strategy game.

EVE Fanfest 2022: CCP Games' Upcoming Content Roadmap Shows Narrative Focus, Spreadsheets, And Much More

EVE Online's next era was unveiled at this year's EVE Fanfest in Reykjavik, Iceland, as CCP Games laid out the content roadmap for players. The roadmap includes shifting the quadrant updates to Arcs, bringing about what the devs call 'consequential story events,' and much more.

UPDATED: Blizzard Names Jessica Martinez First Vice President, Head of Culture to Help Company Turn Itself Around

Blizzard has announced its first Vice President, Head of Culture, Jessica Martinez. This role is part of the company's ongoing work to follow pledges that it would do better in terms of fostering a better working environment.

Stop Kael'thas in the Sunwell Plateau Raid When Fury of the Sunwell Arrives for WoW Classic Next Week

Prepare to face the Sunwell Plateau Raid as Fury of the Sunwell, the next content update for  World of Warcraft: The Burning Crusade Classic, arrives next week. 

Digital Extremes Announces TennoCon 2022 is Happening Online July 16th

Digital Extremes will hold TennoCon 2022 as a digital event on July 16th. The Warframe event will stream across several platforms from the studio's home of London, Ontario.

Zenith Devs Show off Upcoming Instanced Dungeon, The Seething Depths, and Talk Upcoming Content

Zenith: The Last City dev Ramen VR has released a sneak peek at The Seething Depths, an upcoming 4-person mid-level instanced dungeon, and an update on what else is to come.

NetEase Opens Jackalope Games, Headed By MMORPG Vet Jack Emmert, to Create 'Engaging Online Universes'

NetEase Games has opened its first US-based studio, Jackalope Games, and it will be led by MMORPG vet Jack Emmert, to create "engaging online universes" for PC and mobile.

Swords of Legends Online Adds Langquan Bridge Hard Mode Raid and Three Extreme Dungeons

It's time for the deeper challenge for the Langquan Bridge Raid and three dungeons in Swords of Legends Online. The latest update opens up these new challenges and more this week.

New York City Suing Activision Blizzard Over Allegedly Rushed Microsoft Deal by Bobby Kotick to Escape Liability

Activision Blizzard has been sued by a New York City group that alleges CEO Bobby Kotick was "unfit to negotiate" a deal, which they claim was rushed, made to avoid liability, and undervalues the company.

Elite Dangerous Releases 2022 Roadmap Overview, Including Details on Console Profile Transfers

Frontier has released a 2022 roadmap for Elite Dangerous, and it includes new content plans, update cadence, and details on console profile transfers.

Learn About the Wide Variety of Events Planned to Shape the World in Ashes of Creation

For Ashes of Creation, there's a new devblog out covering all things events, with a list of just some of what the team is planning across a wide variety of types.

Grab a Free P1-XL Droid in Star Wars: The Old Republic to Mark Star Wars Day

It's May the 4th, and Star Wars: The Old Republic is giving a free P1-XL Droid for Star Wars Day. Plus, a whole new Galactic Season begins.

Gamigo Starts a Rebooted RIFT Battle Pass Season Today With Fiery Cosmetics and a Mount Up for Grabs

Gamigo has launched a rebooted Battle Pass campaign for Rift starting today. The new pass could let you earn some fiery cosmetic pieces or mounts with flame effects.

Lost Ark Fixes Feiton Powerpass Error and Other Bugs and Prepares the Backend for May Content Update

This week's Lost Ark maintenance patch fixes several bugs, including Feiton Powerpass access, and begins preparing backend changes ahead of the May content update.

New World Update Squashes Bugs and Releases Deleted Character Names for New Use

Moving into May, the latest New World update is focused on fixes, but it also opens up names that had been locked when characters using them were deleted.