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Black Desert Online Adds Third Atoraxxion Dungeon, Yolunakea, and Solo 'Story Mode' for Previous Two

Today, Black Desert Online added its third Atoraxxion co-op dungeon, Yolunakea, to continue the storyline. Pearl Abyss also added solo "story mode" options for the previous Atoraxxion dungeons in the update.

Lost Ark Changes Plan to Address This Week's Pheon Distribution and Exploit in the Name of Fairness

After an unintended Pheon distribution and exploit, the Lost Ark team said they would not remove them from the game, but they've changed course with what they say is a fairer plan

Albion Online Reveals Fey Armor, Which Gives You Special Abilities, and Pristine Resources to Fight Over

Today, Albion Online's latest devtalk goes into some new features to expect - Fey Armor, which you can craft from The Mists' creature drops to gain special abilities, and the new resource level everyone will fight over, Pristine Enchantment.

RODE Upgrades a Classic and Launches the NT-USB+ Microphone

RODE announced its latest microphone today, upgrading one of its most classic entries for PC content creation, the NT-USB. The new microphone is dubbed the NT-USB+ and takes the design of the original to a new level. Complete with an upgraded condenser microphone capsule, the company's fresh and outstanding revolution preamp, and an internal digital signal processor (DSP) for broadcast quality vocal FX, it's a premier option for content creators that crave the portability and easy setup of USB. 

Lost Ark Update Will Add the Reaper, Overhaul the Tripod, and Change the Economy to Fight Bots

New progression events and The Reaper will come to Lost Ark tomorrow, along with the skill tree effects overhaul, some economy tweaks to fight bots, a Legion Raid help, and much more.

New World Brings Back the Giant Turkey, and Will Merge Some Legacy Servers After Fresh Start Success

The latest New World update welcomes back the Turkulon, giant turkey, to Aeternum. The team will also merge some servers later this week to help population shifts after Fresh Start success.

Take to the Skies and Battle the Storms, as Dragonflight's Launch Cinematic and Pre-Patch Phase 2 are Live

Dragonflight's pre-patch phase 2 is live in World of Warcraft, with the launch cinematic out, the Dracthyr Evoker playable, and the all-new pre-launch event, The Tempest Unleashed.

Blue Protocol Will Hold a Network Test in January and Be Present at The Game Awards in December

Bandai Namco sets a mid-January network test for Blue Protocol and a spring 2023 launch window in Japan. There's a new trailer and a presence coming at The Game Awards next month

WoW to Make All Season of Mastery Realms Transfer-Only By February, Encouraging Transfers ASAP

Blizzard will make World of Warcraft Season of Mastery worlds transfer-only in February and advise transferring your characters over to Classic or Wrath Classic as soon as possible.

Before the Shadow and Update 34 Are Live in The Lord of the Rings Online

After a short delay, Before the Shadow and Update 34 are now live for The Lord of the Rings Online

Gameforge Launching AION Classic in Europe in Early 2023

Gameforge will bring AION Classic to PC in Europe beginning in early 2023. This will present a fresh start opportunity to return to Atreia, or head there for the first time.

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt - Complete Edition is Launching on December 14th

After CD Projekt Red delayed the project after the invasion of Ukraine, The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt - Complete Edition now has a digital release date.

Naraka: Bladepoint Will Get the Staff This Week, the Second Melee Weapon

This week, Naraka: Bladepoint gets the Staff, a much-requested weapon inspired by Shaolin techniques, will start off a series of "legacy" weapons to come.

Catch the Dragonflight Stream Tomorrow for the Launch Cinematic and More Expansion Details

Tomorrow, the World of Warcraft team will hold a special live Dragonflight stream, unveiling the launch cinematic, with the team offering a look at pre-patch phase two.

EVE Online's Peak Concurrent Users Hits 30K For The First Time In A While Thanks To Uprising

EVE Online has a player base that, probably more than most, keeps an active track of its concurrent player count. In an MMO where players are the content, it's rather important to have people to fly with, so it's no wonder the community is celebrating the highest peak concurrent player count in at least a year.