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Neverwinter: Devblog Talks the Tyranny of Dragons Epic Adventure, As Dragonslayer Opens on Preview Shard

A new Neverwinter devblog covers tonverting Tyranny of Dragons into an Epic Adventure and the upcoming Dragonslayer module lands on the PC preview shard.

If You're Curious About High Isle's New Card Game Tales of Tribute, The Elder Scrolls Online Has a Guide

There's a new guide to the upcoming Tales of Tribute deck-building card game coming in the Elder Scrolls Online's High Isle chapter next month.

Naoki Yoshida Addresses Datamining, Mods, and Other Third-Party Tools in Final Fantasy XIV

A new notice is out from Director and Producer Naoki Yoshida on third-party tools, including mods, in Final Fantasy XIV. He also addresses recent datamining and debunks rumors of emulation.

Take on the Castle Specter in Broken Ranks' Newly-Added Instance

Today's update for Broken Ranks adds a new quest, some loot changes, and the Castle Specter instance as new additions from the development roadmap arrive.

Last Oasis Responds to Poor Reception from System Rework Announcement

Early Access Survival MMO Last Oasis is now in its 4th season, and with it the team at Donkey Crew has some plans to rework the Walker Building System. Walkers are large vehicles that can be used in combat, and the new rework of the system plans to remove free-placement of structures on Walkers going forward. Needless to say, the community was none too thrilled with the changes.

Camelot Unchained Set to Open EU Server for Weekend Testing

Are you a Camelot Unchained backer in the EU and you've been wishing that you could help test the game at a respectable latency? You may be in luck, as the City State Entertainment team is planning on opening its first EU server in Germany. Learn more about it in this article, along with some developmental updates, including everyone's favorite - concept art!

The Day Before Announces Delay Until 2023 - Moving to Unreal Engine 5

It was only a few short weeks ago that we inquired into what happened with the upcoming survival MMO The Day Before. Now, through an announcement via IGN, the team at Fntastic has finally let players know that the game will be delayed, and that they will be migrating to Unreal Engine 5.

World of Warcraft's Shadowlands Season 4 Raid Loot Changes Want to Get Rid of Bad Luck

World of Warcraft Shadowlands season 4 will feature some raid loot changes, including upgrades for Heroic and Mythic and a limited currency that lets you choose desired reward pieces.

Book of Travels Gets a Tech Blog, Which Informs Some About What's Been Happening in Development

If you understand tech updates and git comments, the latest Book of Travels devblog is for you, as Might and Delight focuses on a tech blog with recent changes.

Profane Details the Portinus, Shows off New Screenshots and Says Combat Testing is 'Close'

This week, the Profane team has teased with new work in progress gameplay footage and announced that a first combat test with community involvement is "close". There's also a recent extensive preview of the freedom loving, lively Portinus people.

Lost Ark's May Update is a Go, Called Destined for Destruction, and Packed With New Content

Destined for Destruction is May's big update for Lost Ark. Expect the Destroyer advanced class, an all new Guardian Raid, the debut of Legion Raids, the new Relic rarity for gear, quests, and world content.

Old School RuneScape Tweaks Guardians of the Rift and Beneath Cursed Sands After Player Feedback

This week, Old School RuneScape updates Guardians of the Rift and Beneath Cursed Sands based on player feedback, and issues some fixes for other features.

 Albion Online Unveils Into the Fray, its Next Major Content Update, With Major Overhauls

Into the Fray is Albion Online's next major content update, and it will overhaul most Staffs, castles, outposts, add a new Crystal League mode to help train, dynamic events and much more.

Chimeraland Getting Closed Beta Next Week in Canada Ahead of Full North American Release This Year

Closed beta has been announced for Chimeraland. The test will be for Canadians and begin next week for the open-world sandbox where you can evolve creatures you tame.

EVE Fanfest 2022: CCP Is Working On Both An FPS And 4X Strategy Game Set In The EVE Universe

During the EVE Fanfest 2022 Keynote this morning, CCP Games announced that there are two new EVE-based games in the works: an upcoming multiplayer FPS and a 4x mobile strategy game.