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Path of Exile Fixes Over-tuned Monsters and More Based Around Player Feedback

By now, Path of Exile fans have probably had some time with the latest challenge league, Sentinel, which released on PC on May 13th. Producer Chris Wilson took to reddit to explain about the changes they've made to monster difficulty, along with some upcoming changes as well.

FFXIV's Naoki Yoshida Addresses the Housing Lottery System, Details Upcoming Fixes

For nearly 4 weeks now, problems related of the FFXIV 6.1 updates' housing lottery have been ongoing. Back in April, Producer and Director of Final Fantasy 14, Naoki Yoshida addressed concerns related to several severe bugs which prevented players from successfully winning their bids, and in some cases, plots shows that there were no applicants at all. In the latest message, Yoshida has outlined the steps that they will take going forward to resolve the housing problem.

Aion Producer's Letter Explains Changes Made Due to Decreasing Population

Aion has been one of NC's (Formerly NCSoft) few games that have been around for more than a decade. With limited updates over the past year, the Producer's Letter has graced us at a time where new updates have just rolled out for both Aion and Aion Classic. The Producers, Min Lee and Wesley White talk a little about what's still coming to the game, as well as indicating that they have been making positive changes to contend with a lower stream of players.

Old School RuneScape Further Tunes Tombs of Amascut Rewards and Introduces Unranked Group Ironman

Tombs of Amascut is getting another rewards pass in Old School RuneScape, while Group Ironman gets some important feedback

Lost Ark Updates on the Ongoing Battle Against Botting and Responds to Community Feedback and Suggestions

A new update from the Lost Ark team details the extensive efforts to combat botting and responds to community feedback about the ongoing issue, as well as potential future options to implement

What You Can Expect from Profane's First Combat and Movement  Tests, and How to Apply

The Profane team has released details on what to expect from several combat tests in the coming weeks, including how you can apply to take part.

World of Tanks Will Give You Gifts for Its First Steam Anniversary Ahead of a New Charity Campaign

The gifts are for you as World of Tanks is markingĀ  one year on Steam. Wargaming has also announced a new upcoming charity livestream.

Albion Online Devs Give Full Details on the Upcoming Extensive Magic Staff Overhauls

Representing about 1/3 of all weapon options in the game, Albion Online will be giving its Magic Staff system an extensive overhaul, and a new dev talk dives deep on what we can expect.

The Sunwell Plateau is Open Again As Fury of the Sunwell Goes Live for World of Warcraft Classic

Fury of the Sunwell is now live in World of Warcraft: The Burning Crusade Classic. Help a rebel faction protect against Kael'thas and his sinister plans, then take on the 25-person raid for loot and glory.

Welcome to Dreadsail Reef, High Isle's New Trial in The Elder Scrolls Online

A new preview is out for Dreadsail Reef, the upcoming new Trial in the High Isle chapter for The Elder Scrolls Online.

ArcheAge Reverses Some Previous Bans that Followed an Exploit This Year

The Kakao Games team has lifted most bans for ArcheAge players who benefited from an exploit early this year, after cleaning up and stabilizing the economy and considering the banwave "overly harsh".

Lost Ark Content Update Confirmed for May 19th, Weekly Update Continues Shoring Up the Backend

This week's Lost Ark update follows the one from last week in focusing on fixes and backend improvements in order to get ready for the big May update. That update has also been firmly placed on next week's calendar, for May 19th.

Elite Dangerous Is Giving Console Players Free Copies Of The Game On PC

As many Elite Dangerous fans know, development on the console versions has been canceled with Frontier prioritizing the PC version of the space-faring sim. As a result, Frontier are giving console fans a way to carry their progress over to PC, as well as easing their docking on the platform in the form of the game for free.

An Untitled Dragonflight Prequel Novel Listed for November Release, Leading to Update Launch Speculation

A new book listing for an Untitled World of Warcraft Dragonflight prequel novel has been found on Amazon, leading to speculation about the expansion's release window, centered on Q1 2023.

Fractured Online Adds Weather System, a Crafting Tax and Fee System, and Makes Harbors Safe Spawn Areas

The weather system is now in Fractured Online after today's update, which also adds a new crafting fee and tax system, along with making harbors safe spawn zones.