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Blizzard Highlights Dragonflight Accessibility Options and How To Access Them

With the Dragonflight pre-patch, the World of Warcraft team is going through some of the accessibility changes in the upcoming expansion.

Valheim Releases the Mistlands Trailer and Opens Public Testing for the Update

Valheim developer Iron Gate has been teasing the arrival of a trailer for the Mistlands, and it's here-along with the Mistlands update itself on the public test server.

Watch the New World Team Discuss Playstyles in a New Video Series, Finding Aeternum

The New World team has a new video series, Finding Aeternum, with the first episode seeing devs having a casual chat about playstyles.

Final Fantasy XIV is Holding a Free Return Campaign For Inactive Accounts

Final Fantasy XIV  is currently running a free return campaign, welcoming inactive players back into Eorzea through December 16th.

Ubisoft Is Headed Back To Steam With Assassin's Creed Valhalla Coming December 6

Assassin's Creed Valhalla will be one of a few Ubisoft titles to come to Steam, marking the publisher's return to the platform after years away.

Path of Exile Begins Delirium Everywhere, Sets December 1st Reveal Stream for The Forbidden Sanctum

Path of Exile will be revealing the full details of its December expansion, The Forbidden Sanctum, on December 1st. This week, however, there is today's start of Delirium Everywhere

A Special Dragonflight Beta Launch Test is Happening Today

With Dragonflight officially launching in just about a week, today, the World of Warcraft team is holding a launch test on a special beta realm. 

Sea of Thieves Opening Season 8 Tomorrow, Bringing Opt-In PvP Ship Battles Between Factions

 Season Eight of Sea of Thieves is coming tomorrow, and one of the major changes on the way is opt-in on-demand PvP via ship battles.

'Confounding Labyrinth' Brings Lin, Mysterious Maps, New Enemies, and Battle Royale to Tower of Fantasy

Tomorrow, Tower of Fantasy opens the Confounding Labyrinth, with new simulacrum Lin, who can use all elements, new maps, a mysterious main story chapter, new enemies, and battle royale.

Albion Online Beyond the Veil Update is Live, Opening the Mists and Much More

The Mists are open, as Albion Online's Beyond the Veil update is now live, with major content additions, new resource tier, quality of life changes, and more.

Blue Protocol Is Being Published By Lost Ark's Smilegate In South Korea

Blue Protocol, the anime MMORPG coming from Bandai Namco Online has been ramping up its announcements after going radio silent for quite a long time. The latest update comes from Korean developer Smilegate, who announced this week that the MMORPG will be published by the company in South Korea.

Neverwinter The Way of the Drow Event Features Northdark Reaches Info and a Free Gift

Neverwinter is marking the recent release of the Northdark Reaches module with the new Way of the Drow event, including new behind the scenes info and a choice of a free themed gift.

Lost Ark Holds Two Downtimes to Address Pheon issue and Includes Extra Compensation

 Two downtime periods for Lost Ark have been addressing lingering issues stemming from recent updates, with additional compensation also coming.

Lua's Prey Update for Warframe Coming November 30th, With New Story and 51st Warframe Voruna

Lua's Prey will be out for Warframe on November 30th. This update will serve as light narrative content that begins to bridge the gap to The Duviri Paradox in 2023. Expect a new Warframe, the wolf-inspired Voruna, cosmetics, and some story to play through.

PlanetSide 2 10th Anniversary Update Adds New CTF-Based Mechanic, Double XP, and Added Polish

PlanetSide 2  first launched on PC on November 20, 2012, and Rogue Planet Games has kicked off a 10th anniversary update to celebrate. There's a new CTF-inspired mechnic, Capture the Conduit, double XP, swag, and improvements.