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Black Desert Class Adds Yacha, the Rampaging Beast of the Battlefield, Its New Striker

 Black Desert Mobile gets a brand new melee class, the striker Yacha, also called The Rampaging Beast of the Battlefield.

Path of Exile Balances Archnemesis Modifiers and Introduces 'Pay-to-Swole' Marauder Armor

A long list of balance changes for Archnemesis Modifiers is live for Path of Exile. And if you're looking for a more confident Marauder, the new Maroider Body Armour item might do the trick.

Guild Wars 2 Living World Season 1 Chapter 'Sky Pirates' is Coming Next Week

Guild Wars 2 will continue to see the release of Living World season 1 content when the next episode arrives on May 24th. This episode, "Sky Pirates", will introduce Captain Mai Trin and detective Marjory Delaqua. 

The Elder Scrolls Online Introduces Lady Arabelle in Laest High Isle Character Preview

We've heard her name before, but now there's a new entry in The Elder Scrolls Online's High Isle meet the character series, and this time we get to meet Lady Arabelle Davaux.

V Rising Enters Early Access for All Your Vampire Survival Action Needs

Entering early access today is vampire-themed survival game V Rising. Stunlock Studios' dark fantasy title blends vampire and dark lore with survival and PVP and PVE options.

Final Fantasy XI Marks 20th 'Vana'Versary', Akihiko Matsui Talks Reflection on the Past and Upcoming Plans

Final Fantasy XI  is now 20. Producer Akihiko Matsui released a new anniversary letter and talked about reflections and where the game is going next.

Star Wars: The Old Republic Gets a Guide to Weapon Customization and Legacy of the Sith Music Arrives to Stream

A guide for Star Wars: The Old Republic's updated outfitter, including the recently-added weapons option,is now available. BioWare has also begun adding Legacy of the Sith's music to stream.

World of Warcraft is Retiring Burning Crusade Classic Character Cloning, and Putting the Service on Sale

Wrath of the Lich King Classic is coming to World of Warcraft, so Blizzard has announced that character clone services for The Burning Crusade Classic will be permanently retired in July, and on sale until then.

World of Warships Adds New French Cruisers, Legends Launches Pan-European Ships into Early Access

World of Warships and World of Warships: Legends are flush with May content, with the newest round of updates announced, including new French Cruisers on PC and early access for Pan-European Destroyers on console.

Arma Reforger Allegedly Leaked, Series Could Finally Be Coming To Consoles

It looks like Arma's next title will be called Arma Reforger, and could be coming to consoles if a leaked marketing document turns out to be legit.

Ubisoft+ Is Coming To PlayStation, Bringing 27 Titles At Launch

For those looking to sink your teeth into Ubisoft's library of RPGs and open-world games, another avenue to do so is opening up on Sony's platform. Today, Ubisoft announced that it will be bringing its Ubisoft+ subscription service to PlayStation Plus, with27 titles available to users on day one.

Neverwinter's Dragonslayer Module Launches On June 14th For All Platforms

Dragonslayer, Neverwinter's upcoming dragon-fueled module, will launch on June 14th across all platforms. This is the first time in Neverwinter's history of a simultaneous launch across PC and console.

Path of Exile Fixes Over-tuned Monsters and More Based Around Player Feedback

By now, Path of Exile fans have probably had some time with the latest challenge league, Sentinel, which released on PC on May 13th. Producer Chris Wilson took to reddit to explain about the changes they've made to monster difficulty, along with some upcoming changes as well.

FFXIV's Naoki Yoshida Addresses the Housing Lottery System, Details Upcoming Fixes

For nearly 4 weeks now, problems related of the FFXIV 6.1 updates' housing lottery have been ongoing. Back in April, Producer and Director of Final Fantasy 14, Naoki Yoshida addressed concerns related to several severe bugs which prevented players from successfully winning their bids, and in some cases, plots shows that there were no applicants at all. In the latest message, Yoshida has outlined the steps that they will take going forward to resolve the housing problem.

Aion Producer's Letter Explains Changes Made Due to Decreasing Population

Aion has been one of NC's (Formerly NCSoft) few games that have been around for more than a decade. With limited updates over the past year, the Producer's Letter has graced us at a time where new updates have just rolled out for both Aion and Aion Classic. The Producers, Min Lee and Wesley White talk a little about what's still coming to the game, as well as indicating that they have been making positive changes to contend with a lower stream of players.