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Sony Looks To Be Working On Two Multiplayer Shooters To Release In The Coming Years

Sony looks to be making two multiplayer shooters to come in 2023 and 2024, according to a listing spotted on ResetEra. The two titles look to be multiplayer shooters, one third-person and one first-person.

Fallout 76 Players Are Putting On A Rendition Of Alice In Wonderland

MMO players are among the most creative in all of gaming, and the players in Fallout 76 are no exception. A group of players known as The Wasteland Theatre Company are planning on showing off that creativity by performing a rendition of the famous Alice in Wonderland story inside of Appalachia.

[UPDATE] Proletariat Workers Organize To Create The Proletariat Workers Alliance, Ask To Be Voluntarily Recognized

Proletariat, Inc, the studio that made the spell-slinging Battle Royale Spellbreak and recently was acquired by Activision Blizzard, announced today that the workers have organized into a union and are asking for management to voluntarily recognize the union.

EverQuest Shares Details For Its Updated New Year's Event, Which Starts Today

EverQuest is looking to shake off 2022 and herald in 2023 with a newly updated version of its in-game New Year's event.

God of War Ragnarok Will Get A New Game Plus Mode In 2023

Sony Santa Monica's latest entry in the God of War series is getting a new game plus mode next year, bringing a new way to play Ragnarok in the Spring.

Check Out Your Steam Replay To See How You Gamed In 2022

Steam recently released its Steam Replay for 2022, highlighting how each user spent their time on the platform this year.

Check Out LotRO's Map Expansion From Launch Until Now In New Graphic

MMO game worlds inevitably get bigger over time as more and more content gets added to the game. The Lord of the Rings Online was already one of the most expansive when the MMO released in April of 2007, and in 15 years it has steadily grown even larger.

Final Fantasy XIV Reveals When New Housing Wards Will Be Available With Patch 6.3

Housing fans and potential homebuyers have something to look forward to in the latest Final Fantasy XIV update, with new housing wards added when 6.3 drops. Square Enix revealed today exactly when that will happen after the launch of the new patch.

Frozen Flame Drops New Update With New Biome, Campaign Content

New conent is the lifeblood of any game, especially so for those in Early Access as players are constantly expecting that drip-feed of new things to do. As such, Frozen Flame, which released into Early Access last month, seesa new biome and more story content with the Dragon's Grove update.

Microsoft Claims FTC's Lawsuit To Stop Activision Blizzard Purchase Is Unconstitutional

In a repose today to the FTC's lawsuit against Microsoft for its designs to purchase Activison Blizzard, the tech giant has claimed that the approach by the Federal Trade Commission violates the company's constitutional rights.

Steam's Winter Sale Sees Prices Slashed On Titles Like Elden Ring, FFXIV Endwalker And More

Steam's winter sale has dropped and is runnig through January 5th, bringing deals to PC players over the holiday break. Some of this year's biggest games are on sale, as well as quite a few multiplayer and MMO titles as well.

World of Warcraft's World First Mythic Raszageth Kill Has Been Confirmed

World of Warcraft Dragonflight released its Mythic rais earlier this month, and the race to world first is now over. The world first kill of Raszageth and clear of Mythic Vault of the Incarnates has been accomplished by Echo Guild.

Fractured Online Is Moving Into Closed Development As It Seems Relationship With Gamigo Has Broken Down

Early Access MMORPG Fractured Online has announced today it's going back into what it calls Closed Development as it experiences issues with its "third-party backend platform." The news comes via the website after what looks to be a week of chaos at publisher Gamigo.

Pantheon Rise of the Fallen's Latest Newsletter Heralds 'Milestone Month' Heading Into 2023

Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen is celebrating what the producer of the MMO calls a "milestone month" in December, as the team looks ahead to 2023. The month saw not only the team pledge to do monthly pre-alphas next year, but also saw one of the first alpha livestreams without dev direction thanks to influencer CoggCarnage.

Tower of Fantasy Adds Mirafleur Moonshade Update, and Sets Server Transfer Dates

The Mirafleur Moonshade update is here in Tower of Fantasy, expanding Mirroria with lots of new places to explore, a new instance, new 8v8 PvP option, and several events. We also now know when server transfers will start.