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Padix Island Receives a Major Revamp In Latest Black Desert Patch

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Poorna Shankar Posted:
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Black Desert has seen a major revamp for Padix Island in its latest patch. Here are the details.

Padix Island is now a monster zone with a recommended AP of 270. Additionally, the Mutant Loah Flowers can now be found there. Be warned though. The Cox Pirates can smell these flowers and attack, so you might want to keep your eyes peeled

If you defeat a monster on Padix Island, two players can loot that monster and gain knowledge. However, any monsters addicted to Mutant Luah Flower will include similar knowledge entries as their non-addicted brethren.

Here are some additional changes coming to Padix Island,

  • The Loah Flower Pots in the cave at Padix Island release a heavy fragrance of Mutant Loah Flowers at certain intervals, causing the Cox Pirates around them to become violent.
  • The AP and DP of these violent Cox Pirates rise and they become resistant to guard and Super Armor effects while becoming proficient at knocking back their enemies.
  • Interact with the Loah Flower Pots and add Mutant Loah Flower Neutralizers to them to stop the pirates from being affected by the flowers' scent and undo the above effects.


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