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Overwolf Answers How Its Purchase Of CurseForge Will Affect World of Warcraft Mods

Addons, sign on, and more

Poorna Shankar Posted:
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A recent AMA with Uri Marchand, the CEO and co-founder of Overwolf, confirms how signing into Curseforge will work after the transfer from Twitch to Overwolf. Considering many World of Warcraft players leverage Curseforge for addons, the AMA contains some important details.

One user specifically asked how this whole process will work. Currently, users don’t sign into Curseforge as such, and instead sign into their Twitch account which redirects you to Curseforge,

“We're working with Twitch to put together an account transfer process, in which we'll ask for your consent. You have several options here (like to opt-in for account transfer, opt-out etc.) We'll share more details next week, but here is the high-level review: https://curseforge.overwolf.com/privacy/

The question on how mod installation will work was also asked,

“Yes, the new app will function the same as it used to, but we're also open to feedback and would love to hear about feature requests, improvements and ideas from the community”

Details on a possible beta for this aren’t entirely clear right now, however. The question of addons was brought up, as several WoW players simply may want to update their existing addons,

“You don't need to go and launch Overwolf, you can just launch the app from it's desktop icon or windows (Overwolf will be loaded in the background, since it is the engine for the app, kind of like how Steam launches when you launch PUBG) . We've created a video to demonstrate the user experience we've thought about: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bDo78i6eYEE&feature=youtu.be. We'd love to get your feedback about this”

The entire AMA, the recap of which you can read over on Wowhead, is quite lengthy and gets into some details on the performance of the app, the whole transition, monetization, and much more.


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