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Overwolf Add On Management App for WoW Release Moved Up

New roadmap

Poorna Shankar Posted:
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Remember when Overwolf purchased CurseForge? Overwolf have recently announced that their World of Warcraft addon manager app will actually release a few days earlier than intended.

At the time, Overwolf’s AMA directly touched on the new app saying,

“Yes, the new app will function the same as it used to, but we're also open to feedback and would love to hear about feature requests, improvements and ideas from the community”

Even though Shadowlands has been delayed to sometime later this year, this addon manager app will actually release earlier than the original October 26 date to now release on October 20. This new date is still after the October 13 pre-patch.

This new release date is seemingly down to player feedback,

“That means we’re releasing earlier and you will have a week to download and update your addons on the new client ahead of the much expected Shadowlands release. Additionally, the Twitch client will continue to support addons until November 17th.”

They team also updated their timelines and roadmap with the new dates as follows:

  • CurseForge – WoW, closed alpha, PC | October 7
  • CurseForge – WoW, launch – public beta, PC | October 20
  • CurseForge – Minecraft, closed alpha, PC | November 3
  • CurseForge – Public beta (all games, PC + Mac) | November 17

Ta, Wowhead.


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