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Overwatch Summer Games Have Started, While Changes Are Coming the Competitive 2020 Season

Joseph Bradford Posted:
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Overwatch's yearly Summer Games are back in full force! Players can compete from now until August 5, unlocking rewards through winning matches in Blizzard's popular competitive hero shooter. 

Players can unlock the all familiar Summer Games Loot Boxes and get a chance to unlock some of the past Summer Games items. Additionally, this year you can earn unlocks through wins thanks to new weekly rewards. Rewards include new skins for Reaper, Mei and Reinhardt, sprays and player icons. Thankfully these unlocks aren't restricted to competitive play - quick play and arcade players can join in the fun.

You can learn more about the Summer Games as they go till August 5 here.

In other Overwatch news, Blizzard have announced changes to the upcoming 2020 season. The changes announced bring divisions to each the Pacific and Atlantic conferences, splitting into the Eastern and Western divisions and the Northern and Southern divisions, respectively. Each Overwatch team will also be required to host a minimum of two, but maximum of five, local events. The teams themselves will be responsible for selecting and operating the venues for those events, but the league itself will cover the broadcasts. 

You can read all about the new changes to the 2020 competitive Overwatch season on ESPN


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