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Overwatch Original Concept Art Available as Part of Anniversary

Poorna Shankar Posted:
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Blizzard has released some Overwatch original concept art print as the hero shooter celebrates its 5th anniversary this month.

This release features a new limited release called the Overwatch Original Sketch Concept Art Print. This print includes the Blizzard 30th Anniversary logo and is available on the Blizzard Gear Store for 30 days. As the accompanying press release notes,

“Literally taken from the vault of Overwatch’s early days of development, this print showcases a full lineup of original heroes including Tracer, Mercy, Reaper, Bastion, Genji, Torbjorn, D.Va with MEKA, Roadhog, Winston, Symmetra, and more. In addition, Blizzard has revealed a new upcoming Blizzard 30th Anniversary Binder (pre-orders begin later this month) to help fans organize and commemorate their collected monthly Concept Art Prints while the “From the Vault” series continues.”

If you’re interested in checking out this Overwatch print, you can do so here. Blizzard is featuring several other items as part of the game’s anniversary like Good Smile’s Jumbo D.Va MEKA Figurine, Mattel’s Overwatch Hot Wheels Assorted Set, Funko’s Bastion Pop! Figurine, and J!NX’s D.Va Overwatch Ultimate Full-Zip Hoodie Jacket, and more.

As Blizzard’s 30th Anniversary celebrations continue, keep an eye on the “From the Vault” drops which occur every second Tuesday of each month. They’ll feature several collectibles, concept art, exclusives, and more. If you’re a collector, this might be on your radar.

In other Blizzard related news, the World of Warcraft company has several free to play mobile titles in the works. And despite losing millions of players, Blizzard saw an increase in revenue.


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