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Over 667 Thousand New Heroes Were Created During The World Plays ESO Event This Summer

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The World Plays ESO churned out some interesting statistics as the multi-month event has built up as the world played The Elder Scrolls Online this summer. The event, which saw streamers and gamers play through the entirety of the MMORPG, provided some very interesting numbers, including over 34 million PvP kills, and much more.

The ZeniMax Online Studios team just released an infographic highlighting some of the more interesting stats. Since World Plays ESO began, more than 10 million houses have been bought by players and streamers in the event, 2.5 million antiquities found, and over 780 Trials run. 

Impressively, the event also churned out over 1 billion monsters being slain by those taking part in the event. Additionally, the infographic states that over 667K heroes were created across the event, with the most popular race being High Elf, while players seemed to gravitate towards the Sorcerer class the most.

The World Plays ESO started earlier this summer as an event that spanned across months. The event itself sees ESO content creators tasked with completing a portion of the game on stream as the event worked its way from the very beginnings of The Elder Scrolls Online all the way through the content in the latest chapter release, Blackwood. Players could join streamers as they worked through the content, as well take part in the event through dungeons, PvP events and more, all highlighted on the Bethesda Twitch channel.


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