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Over 2 Million People Downloaded 'A3: Still Alive' in December, Receives New Update

New gear, new Time Attack mode, more

Poorna Shankar Posted:
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A3: Still Alive experienced a successful December seeing over 2 million downloads last month. A new update has also just released.

The new Time Attack mode will see individual players, or two-three player parties defeat monsters quickly to determine who the best warrior. The Entangled Borders cross-server Guild content is also live for 10-player-and-more guilds that achieve certain areas of Forte's Seal. Four guilds will compete to defeat monsters in their territory the fastest, while looking to strategically invade other territories or conquer field areas during Entangled Borders' 'Rift Time'.

Other additions include three new Legendary Soul Linkers, new floors to the Dark Lighthouse, 120 level Legendary equipment, a New Year Check-in event, and in-game New Year events through January 14. If you’re interested in checking out A3: Still Alive, you can do so on the App Store and Google Play.


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