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Outriders Will Release on Xbox Game Pass on Launch Day

Steven Weber Posted:
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Over the weekend, rumors swirled that the upcoming looter shooter, Outriders would be headed to Xbox Game Pass. Rumor no more, today, it was confirmed that Square Enix’s hotly anticipated title will release on Xbox Game Pass on April 1st – Launch Day!

The demo of Outriders has found a substantial following, with over 2 million players in the first week, and over 9.5 million hours played. As Outriders also allows for full cross-play support, even if your chums play on a different system and you opt to play on the Game Pass version, you’ll still have the opportunity to play with them in their 3-person co-op missions.

Outriders currently boasts a story of over 25 hours long, a total of 4 classes to try, with a sliding and ever-growing scale of world-difficulty levels, and plenty of side quests, gear drops and challenges that will keep players busy for hundreds of hours. With the release of Outriders on Game Pass, it almost assures that the game will see a substantial number of players on Xbox April 1st.  The game will be available for the Xbox console and Android phones and tablets via Xbox Cloud Gaming, though there has been no mention on whether it will be available for Xbox Game Pass on PC at this time.


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