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Outriders Will Be Available on GeForce Now During the Demo and on Launch

Outriders NOW

Steven Weber Posted:
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If you were worried that you wouldn’t meet the minimum PC specs for Outriders when the demo releases February 25th, don’t worry, the game will be available from the onset on GeForce Now.

If you’re interested in playing Outriders but you aren’t sure if you can run the game, or if you just don’t want to go through the hassle of installing the demo, you don’t have to sweat it – GeForce Now has come to your rescue. Outriders will be available when the demo goes live on February 25th, and that, along with your characters, will carry over to the April 1st launch.

Even if you do manage to reach the minimum specs for the game, GeForce Now will easily let you run the game on its recommended or even maximum specifications. Outriders was specifically delayed until April 1st so that players could get a taste of the game before release in February.


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