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Outriders Team Confident They've Figured Out Part of the Damage Mitigation Issues - Patch Pending

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Outriders development team, People Can Fly, addressed an issue recently that has troubled the player base at large for weeks. Players have been complaining that damage-mitigation from armor, stops working. Some players have found that unequipping your armor and requipping it will remedy the issue temporarily, but results have been mixed. PCF, in a recent tweet, noted that they are hot on the trail of this bug, and hope to have it fixed very soon.

Many players have noticed the damage-mitigation bug has been more prevalent after the latest patch, but PCF has noted that they have been tracking this issue, even prior to the last patch. The saving grace prior to the last patch, was that bugged mods, such as Emergency Stance, actually masked the issue. Now that the prior mod issue has been fixed, more players are experiencing the damage-mitigation problem, which has led to a surge in reports. The team also addressed some players concerns over being “one-shot”, which refers to situations where player characters are killed in a single shot by some enemies, such as Brood Mothers, which are difficult bosses, even at range. The deaths, as PCF notes, are attributed to multiple attacks, which prevents some abilities that stave off death in a single attack from activating:

Avoid tanking Brood Mothers and Alphas in particular, as they are particularly prone to the below explained one/two hit risk....

The matter of instant deaths, even when they appear to be a one-shot kill, looks to be a case of two damage hits being dealt, though they are displayed as one, meaning that the one-shot kill protection mechanics don't trigger (since they detect two damage hits).

-Toby Palm, Senior Community Manager, Square Enix

Despite the tongue-in-cheek way the team believes you can simply "avoid" tanking Brood Mothers and Alphas, when their leaps close gaps far faster than player characters can move, and dodging won't always prevent you from getting knocked back or taking damage, at least it shows that PCF is acknowledging that players have experienced these problems.

Whether the damage-mitigation problem will be fixed this week will be dependent on the progress PCF makes in their investigation. Outriders has dealt with a number of issues since its launch April 1st 2021. A different game-breaking bug that caused a complete inventory wipe for many players has since been resolved, and the restoration rollout has finally gone into effect. The restoration began May 5th and completed on the 6th for all players. Those that were not affected by the inventory wipe, but were playing the game prior to April 20th and potentially lost an item, were also compensated with up to "20 god-rolled legendary items".

Unfortunately, even god-rolled legendary items won’t definitively protect you from the damage-mitigation bug, but at least you’ll be the best Outrider you can be once the bugs get hammered out. Outriders is currently available on Xbox, PlayStation, and PC.

[Edit Note: 5/10/2021] Clarified who would see the god-rolled items in their inventory from the restoration phases. An original version did not clarify well enough. 


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