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Outriders Talks Next Patch, Fixes, More

Poorna Shankar Posted:
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People Can Fly, the team behind Outriders, has taken to Reddit to discuss future patch news, upcoming fixes, and more.

If you recall, the most recent patch for Outriders released last week after being initially delayed and brought about improved matchmaking. Now, matchmaking will ignore AFK which should be of considerable improvement to those looking to form a group and play online. If you missed those details, we’ve got you covered.

Regarding the next patch, however, People Can Fly are noting it’s almost “complete” apart from one issue. This issue is the crashing when launching Outriders. The team has a few leads and are currently investigating root cause. But for now, they note the release of this patch will very much depend on the resolution of this crash and future crashes.

However, they did share information on fixes and changes you can expect as part of this upcoming patch. These include:

  • Will improve the multiplayer experience so that rubberbanding & packet loss should now be reduced for players under 350ms pings
  • Will fix the Technomancer's Borealis Monarch Set and correctly grant the 90% damage increase to any frozen targets
  • Will resolve an issue with the Devastator's Statue Set and change its description to match its behaviour
    • The New Description is:
      • While either Tremor or Golem is active, increase Firepower by 100% and Weapon Skill Leech by 100% for you and your teammates
    • The Old Description was:
      • Using either Tremor or Golem increases Firepower by 100% and Weapon Skill Leech by 100% for you and your teammates
    • The old functionality meant that the Statue set bonus could end after 8 seconds. Reworking this set means that the bonus can now be maintained for longer.
  • Will fix an issue that can cause the Trickster's Hunt the Prey to not turn the player towards an enemy’s back if aiming down sights immediately after activation
  • Will improve the targeting of the Tricksters Venator's Knife so that it should now more consistently target a player's intended enemy
  • Will implement a change to the Anti-Duplication system so that your equipped items will not be taken into account when checking whether to re-roll a dropped duplicate
  • Will fix an issue whereby Players who are level 50 may appear as level 1 while in a party

You can read the full Reddit post here for full details.


Poorna Shankar