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Outriders Servers See Improvements Over the Weekend

Poorna Shankar Posted:
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Outriders, the looter shooter always-online non-live service game from developers People Can Fly, has had a pretty rough launch with matchmaking issues, server instability, and mass stuttering on PC. It looks like inroads were made over the weekend to address these issues.

Login issues on launch day plagued Outriders and persisted. Players reported issues with matchmaking, general server stability, and more. On the PC, the issues were worse with many, myself included, experiencing severe stuttering with framerates. While we’re still waiting on a solution to address the PC stuttering, a workaround was released in the interim.

Over the weekend, the team reported increased sever stability with several communications via Twitter. In fact, they Tweeted the following on Saturday afternoon,

One Twitter user asked the team if gamers can expect a post mortem once issues have been fix. The team responded pretty definitely,

“Absolutely. We're still continually working through it all, but we're hoping to in the near future share more specific details about whats going on and what we've been doing about it.”

On Sunday, server stability looked to improve and hold. The team Tweeted out several suggestions and tips if anyone was getting stuck on the sign-in screen,

“For anyone stuck on the "signing in" screen: Many people are eventually able to get through this screen, even if it does mean waiting up to ten minutes. However a full cache clear may help as well. See next tweet for how to do this”

For now, the team is continuing to communicate and monitor. But given that you can play Outriders either in co-op or solo, the connection and login issues appear to be another argument against requiring an always-online connection for games which can be played in single-player.

If you’re able to get in the game and have a smooth experience, check out our tips for getting started in Outriders.


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