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Outriders Re-Runs Player Appreciation Package - 'There's a Unique Legendary Waiting for You'

Steven Weber Posted:
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It’s nice to be appreciated, but in Outriders, some players were a little unhappy that the appreciation package given to them by developer People Can Fly, came with a Legendary Item they already had, or in some cases, no Legendary Item at all. This past week PCF has remedied the situation by re-releasing the Appreciation Package, but this time, players should see a Unique Legendary.

The Appreciation Package Re-Run will provide players (hopefully) with a new Unique God-Rolled Legendary that they didn’t previously have, in addition to Titanium Resources and the aptly planned Frustration Emote. The Appreciation Package was originally outlined back in April. The package was an apology of sorts from the development team for the plethora of issues that hit the game early on, which included an inventory wipe, stability issues, and an armor mitigation bug that caused players to get killed instantly.

Despite the issues, Outriders has seen some popularity, which led to Square-Enix’s decision to expand on the property further as it’s “next major franchise” in a statement back in May.

SQUARE ENIX® announced today that OUTRIDERS®, the high-intensity RPG-Shooter where survival demands aggression, surpassed 3.5 million unique players worldwide in its first month (April 1 – May 1, 2021), according to internal data. With acclaim from both players and critics across the globe, OUTRIDERS is on track to become the company’s next major franchise.

-Square Enix PR, via Square Enix NA Press Site.

The team at People Can Fly isn’t done with Outriders either. Further balancing for underutilized skills are being worked on, and better multiplayer stability is still in the works. An extensive list of known issues is also being kept up to date on the Outriders Reddit. Despite fixes rolling out across all platforms, Outriders concurrent player numbers have decreased 96% from their peak of 125,000 players back on April 4th. Hopefully, People Can Fly has more in store for the franchise apart from balancing, doubling legendary drop rates and fixes to bring some of those players back in the future.


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