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Outriders Provides Support Details and Information for Upcoming Demo Players

Steven Weber Posted:
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Are you looking forward to playing the Outriders demo tomorrow? If so, Square Enix has some information that they’ve posted to the official Reddit and Steam Forums to help players submit bug reports, and understand what the team can and can’t help with.

The support announcements provide an abundance of information and links so that players essentially have a one-stop-shop for all of their Outriders needs. Some of the links direct players to Square Enix support, while others will link gamers to the Outriders status page, to see if servers are even online for core gameplay or multiplayer.

There are also links dedicated to an Xbox One patch that will be released early next week, that aims to improve stability in multiplayer, and address several bugs. The team is also up front about what players can expect to change between the demo version they are playing now, and what could conceivably change upon launch April 1st:

We WILL be able to:

  • Address any bugs that are reported and that we are able to reproduce on our end. We aim to be able to patch the demo to resolve significant issues, though this is has to be carefully balanced with ensuring our full game launch stays on track.
  • Balance the game using player feedback and our own telemetry.Examples of this would include obviously unbalanced gear or skills, or the extent of difficulty scaling within individual world tiers.

We WILL NOT be able to:

  • Implement new features or change features entirely based on feedback coming out of the demo.

- Toby Palm, Senior Community Manager, Square Enix – Outriders

The demo version of Outriders will be available starting February 25th but will continue on even after the game launches April 1st.


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