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Outriders Patch Delayed to Thursday

Poorna Shankar Posted:
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The latest Outrider’s patch, originally set to release yesterday, has been delayed to Thursday. The team at People Can Fly provided additional information on the delay.

The team provided an explanation over on Reddit, pointing to crash issues preventing its release on Tuesday. There were a brace of issues, it seems. The first issue manifested after installing the patch which caused the game to crash once launched. After several such crashes, Outriders would launch and the crashes ceased.

The second issue involved a crash when returning to the lobby after multiplayer. The team postulated this was specific to the Pyromancer with certain skills. Ultimately, the team discussed several options. The first of which involved releasing the patch as is yesterday, which clearly didn’t happen.

The second option was pushing back the entire patch to resolve all the issues. However, the risk here was an even longer delay. The third option (the one they’re pursuing) involves delaying the patch till Thursday, while rolling additional fixes into the next patch. They outlined what should happen next:

  • If we, alongside the community, are able to determine that both of these issues are already present in the game, we will go ahead and aim to release the patch this Thursday.
    • With community data about under which circumstances these issues appear, it will also be easier for us to identify and fix these issues in a future patch.
    • RISK: It is possible that something within the patch has increased the frequency at which these crashes appear, but this will be very difficult to determine in the time we have.
  • If we are unable to determine that both of these crashes are already present in the game, this would indicate that one (or both) of them would have been introduced as part of this patch. The patch would therefore need to be reworked

Outriders had a pretty rough launch while re-running their Player Appreciation Package recently. Additionally, Legendary drop rates were doubled recently.


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