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Outriders Patch Buffs All Classes

Poorna Shankar Posted:
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Do you like buffs? Well, it looks like everyone gets a buff with the latest Outriders patch, available now.

In short, this patch brings buffs for all classes in addition to fixes for crashing, multiplayer improvements, fixes for Statue and Brealis Monarch set, in addition to a myriad other bug fixes.

The class buffs in question apply to all classes which include the Trickster, Technomancer, Devastator, and Pyromancer. Pyro sees buffs for Feed the Flames, Volcanic rounds, and Ash Blast, for example.

Trickster sees buffs to Borrowed Time, Slow Trap, and Time Rift. Technomancer sees buffs to Pain Launcher, Scrapnel, and Cryo Turret. Finally, Devastator sees buffs to Blouderdash, Endless Mass, and Reflect Bullets.

Armor mods and weapons mods also received buffs including:

Armor Mod buffs

  • Personal Space will have its damage bonus increased from 15% to 25%
  • Critstack will have it's Anomaly Power boost increased by 21% (from base 5.79 to 7)
  • Stand Tall will have its base Firepower bonus increased by 20% and its base Anomaly Power by 16%. (From base level 10 Firepower and 15 Anomaly Power to 12 Firepower and 17.5 Anomaly Power)
  • Perseverance Shield will have it's base shield value increased by 40% (From base 25 to 35)
    • Note: This patch will also fix a bug whereby Perseverance Shield could trigger and grant shield after death
  • Blazing Aegis will have the armor increase it grants increased by 21% (from base 46.35 to 56)
  • Plate Dodger will have its armor value grant increased by 12% (from base 58 to 65) and its duration increased from 5 seconds to 7 seconds.

Weapon Mod buffs

  • Anomaly Enhancement will have its co-efficiency increased from 30% Anomaly Power to 40%.
  • Bone Shrapnel will have its damage increased by 5% (from base 56.7 to 59.85)

You can read the full patch notes here. A recent Outriders patch brought some quality of life improvements by ignoring AFK matchmaking.


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