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Outriders New Horizon Update Coming Tomorrow, With Full Expansion Plans for Next Year

Christina Gonzalez Updated: Posted:
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 There’s a brand new update for Outriders  coming tomorrow, and it will make multiple major changes to the game. It’s called New Horizon, and the name reflects just what things will be like going forward.

Expeditions are changing to be more inclusive and with better rewards. The changes include an end to Expedition timers. Previously, Expeditions all ran on timers and the faster you completed them, the better your rewards were. What this did was make people min-max their builds so it didn’t let people have the promised flexibility and limited the number of viable builds. Now, Expeditions will give you the mission reward every time just for completion. 

Rewards are also getting rebalanced. With the timers being removed, Expeditions still have varying difficulty levels and some will require more work to complete than others, so the logical thing to do is make the rewards better for the more challenging Expeditions. The longer they take to complete and some more work involved, you'll see better Rewards. For example, completing the Eye of the Storm Expedition after this update will offer you one of three legendary items just for completing the mission. And everyone will be able to claim a free legendary item through November 30th.

There are also four new Expeditions coming to the game that let you explore new areas on the planet Enoch. The first, Molten Depths, is unlocked for all automatically, with three others unlocking at challenge tiers 4, 8, and 12. 

There are also changes to gear. In addition to balancing skills and gear for all four Outriders classes, legendaries require less grind and a new transmogrification system lets you change the appearance of a piece of gear. No more wearing the mismatched gear just for the stats baked in.

Other changes include more control options on console, and fully functional cross-play for multiplayer, with improved better matchmaking, and AFK detection. 

For the list of extensive changes to Outriders with tomorrow's update, see this official announcement.


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