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Outriders Issues Workaround for PC Stuttering

Poorna Shankar Updated: Posted:
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Outriders has been having a pretty rough launch on PC when it comes to stability and performance. The team behind the game, People Can Fly, have been working behind the scenes to alleviate some of these problem, and have today issued another update regarding the stuttering on PC.

Outriders launched yesterday and almost immediately suffered several issues. First, there were the server and matchmaking issues experienced across platforms. This included PC, Xbox One, Series X|S, PS4, PS5, and Stadia. The game released on Xbox Game Pass as well and has experienced an overall positive reception.

However, on PC, the stuttering problem is pretty bad. Having experienced it firsthand, it crops up especially during firefights. This doesn’t appear to only affect lower-end machines. High end PCs (I’m running an RTX 3080) are experiencing this stuttering as well. Frametimes will become erratic and lead to hangs for up to a few seconds. It’s pretty jarring and borderline unplayable at times.

The team posted a workaround today which is effectively a config update to Steam which will ensure DX11 launches. The thinking behind using DX11 is that perhaps DX12 isn’t entirely stable. Of course, leveraging DX11 means forgoing the much-touted DLSS feature for RTX-branded cards which is only available on DX12.

To utilize this new workaround, you’ll have to restart Steam to acquire this new config. From there, launch Outriders in DX11 mode from your Steam Library and not from your Downloads. We reached out for clarification is this was just a workaround and if a more permanent fix is on the way. The team responded,

Comment below if this workaround alleviates the stuttering for you. But it looks like we’ll have to wait for a more permanent fix to fully utilize DX12 and DLSS.


Poorna Shankar