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Outriders Demo Update 'Fixes' - Then Backtracks on Loot Drop Changes

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Outriders has been quite popular since the demo for the game released late last month. People Can Fly updated the demo, pushing out some changes, one of which included a controversial loot drop change, that the community was not so happy with.

The changes to loot drops revolved around epic and legendary items received from chests. A short list of the original changes is below:

Changes to loot drops

  • Epic items will no longer appear in shops and vendors (within the demo).
  • Chests will no longer drop legendary items.
  • Side quest rewards (on repeat runs) will now have a chance to drop legendary items.

According to the developers, a Lootcave, where players could acquire 3 chests and a store exploit, were concluded to be “not in the spirit of the game”. Instead, the team decided they would push legendary and epic loot farming parties to receive these items upon completion of side quests.

On March 6th, however, a small backtrack occurred, when People Can Fly posted an edit, stating that, due to community feedback, the Gauss Boss Chest will continue to drop legendary items, as they consider it a boss encounter.  While this particular chest will drop legendaries, the other chests still will not. It was also mentioned that many of the changes in the demo patch are strictly for the demo, and players are likely to see these things change later on.


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