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Outriders Continuing to Tackle Inventory Wipe Issue

Poorna Shankar Posted:
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People Can Fly, the developers behind Outriders, have been plugging away on the inventory wipe issue plaguing the game of late. It seems that an end may be in sight, however, given some progress made over the weekend.

It’s safe to say the launch of Outriders has not been that great from a stability and performance standpoint. Login issues on launch day prevent players from even getting into the game. Stability measures were later introduced. PC stuttering hindered plenty of PC gamers which saw the team initially release a workaround and eventually a patch. The inventory wipe issue, however, continued to be a thorn in players’ collective side.

Recently, they apologized for the bug and outlined a gear restoration plan. Just yesterday, however, they applied an additional preventative measure to their servers in order to better protect against inventory wipes. The team noted that this measure would further reduce the frequency of this issue, but they’re continuing to “lock in additional countermeasures.”

They added that if you did notice any continued inventory wipes to report them to Reddit or Steam threads. If you were suffering from the inventory wipe bug, hopefully these additional measures have provided you some sort of reprieve. But it’s clear a more permanent broad solution is required for players to play Outriders without the lingering fear of lost inventory and progress hanging over their heads.

In case you missed it, we reviewed Outriders and found it brutal and unrelenting. But ultimately, we did enjoy our time with the game. We liked the combat and the world, but didn’t really take to the characters. And, of course, the bugs and crashes were a detriment to the experience. You can check our full review here.


Poorna Shankar