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Outriders Apologizes for Inventory Wipe Bug, Outlines Gear Restoration Plan

Steven Weber Posted:
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Outriders released April 1st and was met with mixed reactions as servers were slammed, and crashes prevented players from a smooth experience. Recently, a massive bug that is clearing player inventories, including their equipped gear, has wreaked immeasurable havoc, and People Can Fly (PCF) wants players to know they plan to do something about it.

If you have been playing Outriders since the launch earlier this month, it’s very likely you’ve experienced bugs related to server connection issues, or crashing – especially once you’ve reached endgame Expeditions. Another bug, that was once thought to be rare, players completely losing their gear inventory, including armor and weapons that were currently equipped, is being looked into by the team. Reports have also indicated that some players have lost dozens of items located in their stash boxes as well.

The team at PCF apologized that this bug is happening, and are committed to making things right. A recent patch was implemented in hopes that it would at least stop the problem from happening, but the team themselves have acknowledged that, since the patch, there has been an increase in reports of the problem.

As the team works to restore players’ gear, they have provided a short outline on what they can expect when the fix goes live. One of the largest caveats to actually fixing this issue resides in the final point, “Restored items may not have the exact same stats as the lost items”. This could be a boon to players, if the restores items are boosted in some way to say “sorry” for the issue occurring, but Outriders characters live and die by the games loot table, and specific builds require very particular stats and mods. The entirety of PCF’s intent can be read in their response on reddit, or below:

  • Restoration should take place on a specific day and should be a one-time event
  • The exact date is TBC but we’re hoping for this to occur in the coming week(s)
  • We will update you when we have confirmation of date and timings
  • We will only be able to restore the most valuable tiers of items lost, e.g. Epics and Legendaries.
  • We will be unlikely to restore an inventory full of blue gear.
  • The restoration should be additive to your inventory. It should not replace your current inventory.
  • Restored items may not be have the exact same stats as the lost items

- Toby Palm, Senior Community Manager, Square Enix

It’s also important to note that the previous list is only the team’s intentions, and not indicative of what may actually occur. There is no time frame for this problem to get handled as of this article, and technical difficulties could delay, or even prohibit PCF from completing the restoration. In addition to the inventory wipe, an Accolade wipe bug has also been reported. Accolades are essentially achievements you earn by playing the game and completing specific tasks. According to PCF, Accolade restoration is more complex than the gear situation and will take more time for a solution.

Recently, Square Enix and PCF have promised players that have dealt with many of the server instability issues a “thank you” package that will include a Legendary Weapon, and an influx of titanium, along with an emote titled “Frustration”, which is more than apt for players that are experiencing these ongoing problems. Bugs aside, if you’re interested in learning more about Outriders to decide if the game is for you, check out our recent review.


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