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Outcast Odyssey Pays Tribute to DS2

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Bandai Namco has announced that Dark Souls II has invaded its collectible card game called Outcast Odyssey. Players can look forward to new gameplay elements, card content, and weekly featured events themed around Dark Souls II.

The Dark Souls II invasion brings all-new game elements to Outcast Odyssey, including counter-attacks, wandering enemies, and even player invasions inspired by Dark Souls II, where players will encounter other players throughout the Umbral Cabal dungeon and have to battle them in spontaneous combat.  The new roster of content includes 17 new cards with custom artwork inspired by Dark Souls™ II, each with four evolved forms. Along with these new cards are two new realms, Luminous and Umbral, two forces that are strongest when in opposition against each other, but are neutral against the other realms.

Learn more by visiting the Outcast Odyssey Google Play site (also available on iOS).


Suzie Ford

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