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Our Interview With Yan Udras

Craig McGregor Posted:
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Reed Hubbard recently interviewed Yan Udras, PR Manager for Nikita about their fantasy-themed MMORPG "Sphere".  A preview is below:

MMORPG.com: First of all, since "Sphere" is primarily a Russian game, many of our western readers may be unfamiliar with it. Explain what makes "Sphere" unique.
Yan Udras: "Sphere" is the first and the only project of MMORPG genre in Russia. It has proved, that such kind of projects can be successful in our country. Most unique part of the "Sphere" is action like combat system and innovative magical system. Gameplay in "Sphere" based on 1st person view and combat is very dynamic there. You have to move, strafe, jump, use trees, stones and other terrain details to for the tactical advantages. We have developed castle sieges system and land taxes for the owners of the lands. Our game is PvP driven and in some circumstances you can even receive experience for struggling other player.
MMORPG.com: "Sphere" has been live for over a year now. What has the response been from the Russian gaming community? Have they proven receptive to the MMORPG paradigm?
Yan Udras: As we said, "Sphere" has proved the success of MMORPG projects in our country. The genre, which is more than popular all over the world has appeared in Russia. Our community accepted the novelty and joined the MMORPG gaming society. Of course, there were some specific problems, which were connected with MMO playing experience absence in Russia, but it has been solved.

To read the entire interview, click here.


Craig McGregor