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Our Exclusive Beta Diary (Part I)

Craig McGregor Posted:
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Our own Richard Duffek has written an exciting tale about his half-elf mage "Astad" and his adventures in Norrath from levels 1-7.  Here is a snippet from his story:

Day 2, Morning

Morning... The sun streaming through the round window tells me that another morning has come. The fact that the window is still round reminds me I'm still on this god-forsaken ship. I don't know how much more of this incessant rocking back and forth I can take. Captain Varlos says I'll get used to it, that I'll "get my sea legs" as he calls it, but the only thing I'm getting so far is sick over the side of the ship, and quite often at that! I swear the first speck of land we stop at, I'm off this heap! And if we don't stop soon, I'll jump overboard and swim, I can't take this anymore!

Of course it might help if I remember WHY I was on this damn ship in the first place. Or even if I remembered where I was going or who I was, any of it, I might not be in such a foul mood. All I know is that Captain Varlos and his crew found me floating in the ocean on some debris. They were kind enough to pull me aboard their ship. I couldn't remember who I was or where I had come from. Captain Varlos and the crew took to calling me Astad.

It seems that along with my memories of who I was and what I did; I seem to have lost even some of the most common bits of knowledge. The crew has been working with me, helping me to relearn everyday skills like walking around, holding a conversation with someone, even the basics on swinging a weapon. As much as I complain about this blasted ship, I don't know where I'd be without Captain Varlos and his crew, even if he is a bit demanding at times. He's already bellowing for me from the deck. Probably has some more "lessons" for me to go over. Funny how the "lessons" he and his crew use to help me relearn things always seem to be centered around something he needs done on the ship... Oh well, let's see what he wants me to do today.

To read this entire feature, just follow this link!


Craig McGregor