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Orsinium Celebration Event Returns to ESO August 8

Poorna Shankar Posted:
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In a tweet today, ESO announced that the Orsinium Celebration Event returns to the game from August 8 - August 19.

During this time period, the Orsinium DLC pack will be on sale at a 60% discount. The DLC includes all zone content, including the single-player Maelstrom Arena which will allow you to earn unique weapon outfit styles.

ESO Plus members can purchase the Orsinium Collector’s Bundle for 60% off consisting the of the regular DLC content, plus a Cave Bear mount, a Cave Bear Cub pet, and five Crown Experience Scrolls.

You’ll also be able to earn new rewards during the event, including:

  • Double items harvested from crafting nodes

    • Including Jewelry seams, but not including nodes spawned from Survey Reports

  • Double the rewards received from chests in Maelstrom Arena for both Veteran and Normal difficulties

    • Including Transmute Crystals and Maelstrom weapons!

  • Double the number of reward boxes received by completing Wrothgar's daily quest

You can also earn event tickets during the Orsinium Celebration Event. You can earn tickets in the following ways:

  • Two Event Tickets per day for completing any Wrothgar Delve Daily


  • Two Event Tickets per day for completing any Wrothgar World Boss Daily

You’ll only be able to earn two tickets per day, and can earn a total of 24 tickets during the event.

For full details, check out the official post here.


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