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Organizations Are Changing in Dual Universe

Poorna Shankar Posted:
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Changes are a’coming to organizations in Dual Universe. The changes are a response to some issues with design and cost. Read on for details.

In a lengthy forum post, the team explained the decision behind these changes. Of note, design and cost are major driving factors since this apparently removed scaling limits for the number of constructs any organization can feasibly build. This also leaves room for exploitation.

The changes to organizations will arrive in update 0.26 and include the following new regulations:

  • Each organization must have a player as its super legate.
  • An account can only be the super legate of one organization.
  • Nested organizations will still be possible but will require a player as super legate of that organization, and that player cannot also be the super legate of the parent organization.

To that end, the team recommends you restructures your organizations, and note that an automated modification process will run in a prioritized order. For example, if you’re the super legate of multiple different organizations, here’s what will happen:

  1. One organization will be selected as the player’s primary organization according to the following parameters:
    • The number of players in the organization.
    • The number of constructs in the organization.
    • The age of the organization.
  2. The player will become a designated legate for any other orgs to which they belong.

It’s worth reading the full post here. In additional Dual Universe news, update 0.25 launched late last month and brought several new features and various performance improvements. Be sure to catch up on that news here. Earlier this year, developer Novaquark underwent leadership changes as well.


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