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Operation S.U.M.M.E.R. Challenges Players to Construct Two New Tanks

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The War Thunder team is challenging its players to a two-week event during which they will complete a variety of special tasks that yield blueprints and resources needed to construct a pair of tanks. Using the collected items, players can craft the medium T-34E and the super-heavy IS-7 tanks.

Sometimes, finding the right option to go with can be pretty obvious - a tank gun certainly doesn’t need two muzzle brakes for one barrel, for example. While constructing other parts, however, players will have to delve a bit deeper into their knowledge about the tanks they wish to build. What shapes do the hatches on the IS-7’s turret have? How many shock absorbers are there for each track? To answer these questions, War Thunder’s virtual engineers can take a look at the War Thunder website or ask some of the experts in the community on the official forum or our social media channels.

If a player is not interested in the T-34E, they can exchange a voucher earned when construction is complete for a German Sd.Kfz. 234/4 or the US M8 Greyhound or the British AEC Mk. II.

Check out the details on the War Thunder site.


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