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Open World Survival Crafting Game Bellwright Launches into Early Access on Steam 

Sam Plaisance Posted:
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The developers at Snail, Inc. and Donkey Crew the developers behind Last Oasis, have announced that their brand-new medieval survival crafting game Bellwright is now available for Early Access play via Steam. 

The extremely unforgiving world tasks players to not only survive but thrive in the harsh conditions of the unknown outside world. The player takes on the life of someone who was wrongfully accused of murdering the Prince and has been sentenced to death. Now, we must slowly but surely rebuild and manage our own rebellion and uncover the secrets of what really happened to the infamous Prince. The game does support co-op play, so if solo isn't really your thing, you can reign hell on earth to those who slandered your name with friends. 

The premise of the game is to forge your own path and rebel against the evil Queens foul rule over the lands all while maintaining and containing an entire population of people. 

The developers mention that during the Early Access stage of Bellwright, they welcome player feedback in order to develop the game even further and bring more content to the players. The project lead of Donkey Crew, Florian “chadz” Hofreither, states, 

We believe that from the very first day, Bellwright offers a complete and polished gameplay experience that can be enjoyed both in single player and in co-op with friends. Our release into Early Access provides us with the opportunity to expanded upon and improve what Bellwright already offers, together with you, our community.

We cannot wait to hear of your adventures in the land of Karvenia and would like to invite you all to provide feedback, submit suggestions, and ask questions about the game on our Discord, where our developers frequently participate in conversations.

-Florian Hofreither, Project Lead, Donkey Crew

Bellwright can be purchased on Steam for $26.99 for a limited time, but will go back up to the original price of $29.99 on April 30th. 


Sam Plaisance