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Open Beta Set to Begin

Jon Wood Posted:
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Pirate King Online has sent out the following press release to announce the launch of their game's Open Beta:


Sing-Gium International Launching Pirate King Online Open Beta

Pirate theme and cute Anime style graphics to bring new excitement to MMOG Genre

SINGAPORE—September 22nd, following a successful closed beta phase, Sing-Gium International, an online gaming company from Singapore, is launching the open beta phase of its new massive multiplayer online game (MMOG), titled Pirate King Online. The closed beta phase has attracted more than 20,000 players in the region and is expected to grow rapidly with the launch of the open beta phase of the game.

“Pirate King Online” was designed and developed to provide a new dimension of gameplay for both serious and casual players,” said Jeffery Tan, Executive Manager, Sing-Gium International. “Unlike most of other MMO Games, which only allow players to play as their individual game characters in mainly one type of map environment (dry land), Pirate King Online players are able to explore huge ocean maps in their custom build ships when they reach level 15 in the games. This is on top of massive continent maps with various different terrains, jungles, cities, underground mining caves the players are able to explore right at the beginning of the game.”

Beautifully rendered in full 3D graphics, Pirate King Players are immersed in a colorful and richly detailed world, where the Pirate King storyline takes place. Taking advantage of the 3D graphic environment, Players have full control on how they want to view their game character. They are able to rotate, zoom-in and zoom-out on their game characters.

The tale of unending battles between the powerful Navy forces and resourceful Pirates is weaved into the game. Aggressive and competitive players have an option to join up with the Navy or form up their own rag-tag band of Pirates. Casual players who prefer to have their own adventure will want to take the roles of Traders, Merchants and Fisherman. The non-linear and various different styles of game play, make Pirate King Online highly appealing to both casual and serious MMOG players.

Players can choose and customize their own characters based on 4 main lead characters, which also ultimately affects their abilities and class advancement. With 4 main classes to choose from, players can either live their virtual life as an Explorer, Hunter, Herbalist or a Swordsman. Using special skills and equipment, players are also given the opportunity via class advancement to sub-class their characters to become stronger more specialized sub-classes. Not only that, once their game characters reach level 15 and above, with their acquired in game gold, the players will be able to build their own ship and start exploring the sea. Even the ships are also highly customizable with dozens of different components such as ship’s hulls, engine propulsion systems and a wide array of weapons. Players also have wide range of choices to customize their ships depending on their needs. They could build themselves a fast attack ship, a sluggish but heavily armored battle ship, fishing ships, salvage ships, merchant & transport ships and more! Players are also given the opportunity to set up their own shops and stalls in the city streets to make money and sell away valuable items, which they have acquired throughout their journey. Alternatively, they can go shopping in the streets to look for highly sought after equipment, which will aid them throughout the game.

The excitement doesn’t end here, Pirate King Online, is one of few MMOG games with a huge variety of in game virtual items. More than 400 in game virtual items are currently available and are still increasing. With so many in game virtual items for players to acquire and trade, this will definitely create a vibrant in-game economy. Added Mr Jeffery Tan: “We recognize that many players are attracted to play MMO Game with strong & vibrant in-game economy, therefore we have incorporated Pirate King virtual items market place in our long term development plan for the game. This virtual items market place will provide an official and secure online site for Pirate King players to trade their in-game items with other players.”

A special in-game communication tool, which functions a lot like commonly, used instant messengers coupled with multi-players chat windows will also add greater interactivity to Pirate King, allowing gamers to check if their friends are online or strategize with other gamers.

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Jon Wood