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Online Sandbox RPG Elteria Adventures Shares Roadmap

Covering off future alphas

Poorna Shankar Posted:
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Elteria Adventures, the online sandbox RPG, has shared its development roadmap, outlining what the next few alpha releases have in store.

If you’re unfamiliar with Elteria Adventures, it’s described as an upcoming sandbox online RPG fusing several genres with the goal of player freedom. You’ll be able to create castles and bridges, dig deep to uncover secret caverns, and level whole mountains. Skill-based combat system opens possibilities to create cunning traps by changing the environment or simply punch enemies through walls.

The game is currently in Closed Alpha. If you want to apply to become a tester, you can do so here on the game’s site. The roadmap provided by the accompanying press release covers four alpha releases beginning with Alpha 17.0 which is set to bring new weapons like scythes, hammers & guitars. New customization includes hair, horns & cat ears.

Alpha 18.0 is set to focus on callings, social mechanics, graphics, and self-expression. This is set to make player communication easier, improved building features, several graphical upgrades, and more. Alpha 19.0 will bring economy, threats, performance optimizations, and umbrellas (yes, umbrellas). Alpha 20.0 will introduce the current story arc’s endgame and the Moon biome.


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