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Online RPG Inkbound Launching On Steam Early Access May 22nd

Joseph Bradford Posted:
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Inkbound, the upcoming online RPG from Shiny Shoe, is releasing later this Spring, coming to Steam Early Access on May 22nd.

The online RPG is hitting Steam Early Access after a few successful public tests this year, launching on the platform for a price of $19.99. Inkbound is a Roguelike that sees players take part in battles throughout a story-book-themed world, collecting powerups and downing bosses. 

Shiny Shoe, the developer behind the game, states that Inkbound combines co-op action, roguelike elements with a "living MMO style setting," which will see players work together in each run, combining skills and tactics to defeat powerful enemies and bosses in the world of Atheneum. Inkbound offers turn-based combat, and while you'll grow in power throughout each run, that power doesn't carry over to the next, meaning each build, each run, will be unique.

Via this morning's press release:

"Players can embark on their own solo adventures, but banding together is the safest way to explore this world, tackle its enemies and unlock its countless rewards. Adventurers meet in the magical Antheum, which contains all the stories ever written in its vast library of books. Here they can meet with friends and strangers to party up into groups of up to four, before opening a book to another world where players will face unique threats and build their character. "

Inkbound will also feature a season pass when it hits Steam Early Access, giving the chance to unlock cosmetics, with players who reach the max level each season earning enough in-game currency to unlock the next season pass as well.

Shiny Shoe is also known for its award-winning title, Monster Train, with which Inkbound shares some DNA. This morning, Shiny Shoe CEO Mark Cooke talked about the upcoming co-op roguelike in a new video on YouTube, which we've embedded below.

We've written about the whimsical storybook nature of Inkbound, as well as what it's like to jump into the world of Atheneum for a few runs. Check out our preview here.


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