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Online Multiplayer RPG Babylon's Fall Makes 10 Big Changes Heading into Beta Phase 3

Steven Weber Posted:
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Platinum Games has been hard at work updating the fantasy Online Multiplayer Action RPG Babylon’s Fall as they prepare for the next phase in their closed beta tests. In a recent blog post, the team outlines 10 vital updates they have made leading into the next test.

Earlier this year we received word during E3 that Babylon’s Fall is now going to be a live service game. The 4-player online co-op is meant to head into their Closed Beta Test Phase 3 between November 15th and November 17th, and will now add PlayStation 5 and cross-platform multiplayer into the mix. If you want to jump into the beta you have until October 27th, 2021 to apply on their Closed Beta Recruitment Page. In the blog, Platinum Games details 10 major improvements that the team has managed to accomplish after receiving feedback from prior Beta participants. Below is a short summation of these improvements.

  • Graphics have been updated. The characters are rendered better to make them more visible against the stylized background.
  • Combat has been tuned. Some participants complained of a sluggish feel so updates and unique actions for weapon types have been added.
  • Difficulty gets adjusted based on the number of players. Originally everything was based around 4-player multiplayer, but now it will correctly scale to the number of players you play with.
  • Equipment effects have been renamed. This is so that players can better understand what the effects do.
  • Game terminology has been updated. This change was done so that players could more easily understand stats, stances and more.
  • Inspect a player has been added. This was added so that players could see what equipment someone else is using, where before, you had to ask them.
  • Configurations and options have been expanded. Players will now be able to change the game’s settings to play how they feel most comfortable.
  • Streamlined travel between base camps. This feature was always available but some players found it confusing, so it has been streamlined.
  • Camp facilities are now easier to find. Many players had difficulty finding certain base camp facilities, and now they should be able to find them more quickly.
  • Gameplay tips will now display on the loading screens. Players complained that the gameplay features of Babylon’s Fall were not explained well enough, so tips have been added in the loading screen to assist with this.

Much more information related to each of these changes can be found on the official blog.

The team rounds out their latest update with some information regarding new features that they hope will be ready by the official release, such as private base camps, hiding their headgear, better tutorials, and more. No exact release date has been provided quite yet, but the game is slated for release on PlayStation 4|5 and Steam.


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