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One Year Anniversary

Keith Cross Posted:
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The folks at Phoenix Dynasty Online are celebrating the one year anniversary of their MMORPG by crediting players with 480 Phoenix Points.

Time flies! We are now celebrating the one year anniversary of the launch of Phoenix Dynasty Online, a premier historical kungfu MMORPG where players can experience traditional Chinese kungfu, 5-Element theory, real history story-based quests and mass state wars in ancient time.

As part of the celebration, and a token of our appreciation of your participation of PDO Open Beta, we have credited your PDO account with 480 Phoenix Points, equivalent to USD 15.99 in value, which can be used to purchase precious in-game items from the PDO Item Mall.

If you have been taking a break from PDO, we would like to welcome you back warmly. We will also be releasing the 7300 expansion pack in the next couple weeks, which will include loads of new features.

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Keith Cross