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Once Human To Enter Expanded Closed Beta in March

Get in soon--there's a limit

Victoria Rose Posted:
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In a world of many sandbox survival games, the one that calls itself the “weird” one is a little closer to reality. Once Human, a recent contender in the space with a post-apocalyptic modern fantasy twist and human versus monster factions, has announced a new major closed beta starting on March 28th, bigger than before but still with limited quantities. 

So far, the team has shared the inclusion of the Eternaland instanced sandbox feature, in which players get their own private space to build and utilize custom gameplay rules. It’s also teased other gameplay additions, such as seasons, though more will likely be shared in the month before the beta. 

According to an announcement made to its social channels, all users who were in previous closed betas will be able to access the game. However, if you’re looking to dive in for the first time, the team encourages you to watch the Discord server—only 150,000 downloads of the beta launcher will be allowed, after which access will be limited to those fast enough to hit the button. 

The scope of the closed beta is a little bigger, too. European servers will be included this time around with German and French support, as will mobile players on both Android and iOS systems. 

Once Human has already had a few smaller closed beta tests with fairly transparent changes the past few months. The team has also shared some guides and tips via an official wiki in order to help players survive through these playtests. 


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