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Once Human Closed Beta 3 Starts Tomorrow, Details Include Shift to More PvE Content, New Dungeon, and Story

Optimizations to the central survive and build mechanics also arrive

Christina Gonzalez Posted:
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Once Human’s next closed beta will start tomorrow (with pre-load opening up today for those invited). The team is sharing some new details on the beta build and what to expect for the new playtest.

With the test opening up at 7PM PDT tomorrow, the build notes set the stage for lots more content for returning testers and a whole lot to discover for anyone new to Once Human. There’s a new main story task, “Once Here”, where you’ll get to investigate the secrets of Blackfell and the forgotten existence of its first mayor. The residents no longer even remember his name, and you’ll try to figure out what’s going on and what ties there might be to greater events. If it’s a mysterious survival game narrative with an apocalyptic event, get on your investigation hats.

A new PvE scenario is available. Called Manibus, you join with others to fight aberrant creatures, explore terrain, and defeat the Manibus. The new content is a response to community feedback where players preferred more PVE content over PVP and the opportunity to earn rewards through PVP activities. This will lead into a seasonal model, with six phases in each season and reward changes to make Starchrom easier to get earlier. 

The shift to more PvE content means a few changes from the previous build too. “The frontier will no longer be in constant chaos, and the Stronghold feature will be removed. PVP will only be activated with mutual consent” they note, and some rewards that were PvP exclusive, like Starchrom, will be available via PvE.

For more PvE, there’s also a new Monolith dungeon in the build, The Forsaken Giant and a couple of new Securement siloes. EternalandIs a new introduction and will exist as an in-between destination. You will be able to build on this island, share blueprints, keep items, backpack items, and data that you inherited in the new season. It will stay available here. Invite people from different season servers to visit, which introduces a relaxing cross server option.

Once Human has also made some changes and adjustments to the central survival/open world/crafting part of the game, along with vehicle optimizations, a new blueprint system, and adjustments to the water system.

While Once Human has gotten a great response from testers, this new phase offers another chance to get in and help the devs fine tune the experience. It’s clear that prior tests have had an impact. 


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