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On November 16th, Lost Ark is Overhauling Skill Tree Effects and Advising How to Prepare for the Change

Christina Gonzalez Posted:
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Next week’s Lost Ark update will not only feature the new Reaper advanced class, but it will also bring a significant update to the Skill Tree Transfer System. The overhaul will mean that skill tree effects will apply to characters instead of gear.

While full details will come in patch notes next week, the team announced this overhaul ahead of time in order to give everyone a heads up on what will happen to the Skill Tree Effects on their gear when the update is live. Everyone who has Skill Tree Effects applied to their gear will have to save them and store them in their skill tree inventory before the update downtime begins.

All of the effects will be removed from gear when the update is live, so you should transfer them off your gear and safely into the skill tree inventory ahead of time. While most of the ones you have will transfer over, if you have duplicates, only the one with the highest level will transfer over, and some will disappear because certain classes will have new skills replacing older ones.

The team is also warning that the new system that will be live after the patch on the 16th, won't require skill tree inventory slots, so don't go upgrading or purchasing additional slots with your because you won't get them back when the system change is over. All effects that you store in your expanded inventory slots will transfer to the new system. 

With some classes set to have new skills that will replace older ones, if this happens, there will be a compensation offer for all level 2 or higher Skill Tree Effects for skills affected by the changes.

For more on the changes, the team has shared additional info, as well as community videos to get you prepared for the update’s new system. Head to Lost Ark for more.


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