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Old School Theatre of Blood Raid Invites Players to Drop By for a Drink

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Old School Runescape players have a new raid to try out called the Theatre of Blood. The raid is considered the sequel to the Chambers of Xeric raid and was voted into the game by over 40,000 players. As the name implies, vampyres of Morytania are anxious to meet the warm, red-blooded denizens of the game world.

Theatre of Blood sees raiding parties running the gauntlet of battle-thirsty warriors, nightmarish creatures, and facing taxing, life-threatening puzzles. The final act is a bitter fight for survival against Lady Verzik Vitur, one of the last true-born vampyres left in Gielinor.

The new PvE raid features a new wiping death mechanic for Old School RuneScape, where individuals who die watch from the sidelines while their surviving teammates continue fighting that room’s challenges.

Learn more by visiting the Old School Runescape site.


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