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Old School Runescape's Costume Room Is Getting Some Changes

Joseph Bradford Posted:
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In their latest update, Old School Runescape fans might notice some changes to their costume room when they next log into the MMO, as Jagex has made a few changes. The team announced in a post on the official site that the rework now brings many quality of life features to players, such as the ability to store any spare pieces you have and more.

Look, we all have issues with bank space in any MMO - so the quality of life changes coming to Old School Runescape are definitely welcome. Being able to take those spare pieces from my back and store them in the costume room is so nice, and it's only one part of this update. 

Now players can see as many sets as they can in the Costume Room, sorted alphabetically. Additionally, players can now store incomplete sets and the Costume Room's interface will actually show which parts of the set you're missing. 

For those players who like to have one of everything, you can now store both a plateskirt and platelegs for each set as well. 

Old School Runescape players might also notice changes to the Magic Wardrobe and Armor Cases, as Jagex has tweaked the number of sets each case can now hold based on the material type of the case. You can check out the full post on the official site. In recent RuneScape news, the team behind the long-standing MMORPG showcased a little bit of what players can expect in both the main game and Old School this fall.


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