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Old School RuneScape Winter Summit is Set for December 10th, as Jagex Details Make Good for Outage

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Old School RuneScape will hold its next Winter Summit on December 10th, and is sharing a peek from the recent company game jam. Jagex is also sharing details of compensation for recent downtime due to a data center power failure.

The Winter Summit will begin at 8PM GMT/ 3 PM EST on December 10th on the RuneScape Twitch channel. The team will present a peek at the content in the works for early 2023 as they’ve done in previous years. So if you’re curious what’s in the works, here’s when some of that info is coming.

The team has published the Winter Summit news in a new Gielinor Gazette, and they’re also asking the community for opinions on the future of the feature. With recent editions being released on the bare side, when it comes to Old School RuneScape, as usual the community is invited to weigh in.

“What would YOU like to see in the next Gazette? Should we only release a Gazette when there’s a juicy project to tease? Do you want more community-driven content? Should we add new sections entirely? Now’s your chance to tell us!”

They’ve also revealed some of the prototypes from the recent game jam. None of them are approved for the game yet, but they're showing a few pieces and how they might work. Some of the reveals include new character customization options. These include 16 new hairstyles based on popular suggestions and requests.  There are also some custom outfit loadouts as a concept.

Jagex is also sharing  details on its plans to make good after a data center power failure resulted in widespread downtime in late November. Active members who have logged in within 28 days of November 21st will get a 2-day membership voucher. While this helps compensate for time, some players reported item losses, including items that they were trading at the time of the outage.

But because it was a data center power failure, Jagex says they can’t confirm who lost items or what items were lost, so they can’t risk bloating the economy by restoring whatever someone might claim.

For more, head to Old School RuneScape.


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